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Why don't you miss me like I do?

Missing captions

I know we ain't together, but still at least we're in the same planet, same country and under that one moon.

I wish you were here to see that Rose which you gave. Has faded it's colour, after you left though I water it daily trying to keep its charm and fragrance intact. Those diary pages have turned yellowish, but I kept them clean as much as possible, Half of it is filled by my lame poetry which will never fly, still I hope someday you will read those pages, without my knowledge. Still I'll know, by the smile you will try to hide while reading them, make sure to hold the tears as I have tried my best to fill the lines with a smile but tears came like rain in every full stop. Pages were wet, still made sure they were deserts again. Was afraid as those drops could tear off the pages, i was cautious but after finishing the last line, the comma went like a fine sharp sword and made its way through the next page. Alas I failed again, couldn't save the page, how will I save you?

You should be on the hands of some fine artist who knows how to hold the pen and the art of restricting tears from falling. As I'm still immature and amateur in holding a pen and writing poetry!

Still I won't stop until the last pen needle breaks, until the ink flies off, until my hands stop breathing.

It's been three hundred days

Since I have seen my lover's face

Who's gone long away

Far from my stay.

sad images

I know she's there somewhere

Still her capability is beyond any fight

My Dream is where she conquer

Why you not conquest for my sight?

Now my pillow can't soak any Salt

And these eyes always keeps drying

Thank God tears have no colour

Or this face may come up rainbow-like.

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