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Why and how to adopt a stray dog?

Getting a dog is a wonderful thing to do, but adopting a stray dog is the cherry on the cake; your dog will love you, and you will love yourself for doing your part for humanity and saving a life. Still not convinced? So here are the reasons why and how to adopt a street dog.

WHY? we should adopt a stray Dog.


· Dogs love you like no one else. With a life that may not be as long as a man's, they provide us with memories that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. When you adopt a homeless dog, you are providing it with more than just a home; you are alleviating all of its problems. Such a dog cherishes you even more because you have improved its quality of life.

· Stray dogs are highly smart. From the beginning, stray dogs have had a difficult life. Many stray dogs and cats never reach adulthood. They spent their lives in the company of other territorial dogs and humans. Stray dogs have a perfect understanding of their world, which is also ours, and those who have survived on the streets are likely among the smartest dogs.

· The beauty of stray dogs is undeniable. The majority of dogs living on the streets are malnourished and filthy. They're just as attractive as any other dog once they've been properly cared for. Something you only realize after adopting a dog is how little the breed matters, that what matters, in the end, is how your dog loves you, not how he looks. At a certain point, all dogs seem to you to be healthy.

· The health of stray dogs is superior to other dogs. Stray dogs are mostly mixed breeds that aren't purebred. They are better than most dogs because they have a lower chance of acquiring purebred genetics that contributes to inherited diseases. Hip dysplasia, some knee diseases, and spinal diseases are far less severe. Even though there hasn't been much research done in this field, it's a safe bet that stray dogs are healthier than pure-bred dogs.

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Be Kind To STRAYS.

· You don't get bit by dogs; you get bit by ill-treatment. People have the misconception that stray dogs bite them; however, this is almost never the case. Regardless of whether or not a dog is potentially aggressive, stray dogs are extremely well socialized with not only other dogs but also humans. It is an undeniable fact that these stray dogs are often mistreated and physically abused. In that cases, they often bite to protect themselves.

· You'll be even more responsible. It's not easy to manage a dog at home. You must be on time, or else your best friend will suffer. You must get up on time every morning to take them for a stroll. Daily checkups are needed, as is ensuring that your dog is in good health, and the list goes on. Irresponsibility and owning a pet are not compatible.

· You're essentially saving a life. You may be having a pet dog for personal reasons, but for a stray dog, you become their whole world. People use almost all of these street dogs to vent their frustrations, and as a result, they are often killed in the most heinous ways. But a dog's heart is absolutely humane. Adopting a homeless dog before he wraps his or her heart around fear is the most beautiful feeling you can ever get.

· Dogs aren't about social status. People also do not shelter stray dogs because they are concerned that their appearance will embarrass them. A good guy is still a good person, regardless of how he appears. This reasoning can be extended to dogs as well. Their appearance does not discredit you, and you will gain the admiration of many of those who understand the plight of stray dogs.

There are a few things to remember when adopting a dog or taking a new dog home, and there are a few more considerations to think about with street dogs and puppies. Please be careful, as the dog has put his or her faith in you to bring him or her into your lives, and we should always give the dog the best life possible. Please be careful, as the dog has put his or her faith in you to bring him or her into your lives, and we should always give the dog the best life possible.

HOW? We should adopt a stray Dog.


· Verify to see whether the dog belongs to anyone. Many people are warming to the concept of community pets, which are dogs that live on the streets but are cared for by their community. If you're going to walk away with one, make sure it's a stray. To make sure it isn't a missing dog, look at local Facebook groups.

· Examine the temperament of the dog. Not all dogs are suited to indoor life. Adopt friendly and sociable street dogs, or puppies, when they are young. If the dog is violent or already belongs to a pack, it is most likely content with its life on the streets and will not make a good house pet.

· The veterinary examination. Indie dogs are tougher and more disease resistant than pedigrees, but they also need routine veterinary care. Unknown medical history, malnutrition, and common diseases such as tick fever, mange, and others should be investigated and treated as soon as possible. If you're adopting a puppy, keep in mind that they shouldn't be separated from their mother until they're between 8-12 weeks old. Chances are that it has worms or giardia as it has been eating food scraps and drinking dirty water: Deworming, 7 in 1, Anti-rabies, Total medical check, and bloodwork, plan a spay or neuter date.

· Preparing the house. Older dogs who have been on the street for a long time, as well as puppies rescued from a pack, may have a strong desire to go outside on a daily basis. Make a sleeping, playing, and hanging out area. Then show the dog around your house and let him explore. Supplies such as food and water dishes, a harness or leash, brushes, soap, shampoo, toys and treats, and a bed with blankets should also be purchased.

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Be a Family for them.

· Routine/ Exercise:

Ø This is an important measure that most dog owners overlook, primarily because we forget to do the same for ourselves. Dogs enjoy playing, running, wrestling, and being exhausted. They do this all night in the streets with each other, which is why they are so exhausted and lying around all day! The dogs will play while the humans are gone. Even though you've adopted the puppy, it still needs to burn off some steam. When they are unable to release their pent-up energy, they begin to act out in the home, which we mark as "misbehaving" or inappropriate activity when it is actually the dog being a dog.

Ø Have fun with your puppy! Play tag with him and run back and forth in the yard with him. Play tug of war, hide and seek, or some other game that your dog enjoys. You'll have to spend some time figuring out what your dog enjoys.

Ø Do you see them chasing bugs and flies? Then try a laser pointer; they might enjoy it and it's a simple way to burn off some energy while entertaining yourself. It's important to remember not to point it in the dog's eye; it's dangerous for both humans and dogs.

· Basic Training:

Ø The most important rule of dog training is to NEVER HIT THE DOG. This is not only cruel, but it is also counterproductive, as many dog trainers and research have shown. Positive reinforcement of desired behaviours and rewarding dogs for those behaviours is much more successful.

Ø Please don't use crate training as a form of discipline or a way to avoid dealing with your dog when you don't want to. This is the dog's safe haven and one of their favourite places. Once the dog has become used to being there, you can simply ask the dog to 'crate up,' and they will go there whenever you need them. I'll have more training tips later, but for now, get a crate and leave the door open while your dog is inside. You may begin feeding them in their crate, giving them their toys, giving them affection, and allowing them to connect the area with their happy place.

Ø Obedience training - sit, stay, come, leave it are the 4 most important commands.

· Affection and Love. Make sure you strike a good balance between giving the dog (and yourself) alone time while still avoiding separation anxiety issues. Hand brushing your dog's coat is a perfect way to remove excess fur and massage your dog at the same time.

· Get friendly. Regularly interact with the dog or puppy. Patience is required for this section on how to adopt a stray dog. Leave the food for the dog and step back, squat at his level when talking, and face sideways when in close proximity — all of these acts help the dog develop confidence. Pat him on the shoulders and chest first, then move on to the head if it starts sniffing you, makes eye contact, or shows friendly body language. Repeat these things on a daily basis, and you'll have rescued a street dog before you know it!

You'll despise the fact that animals are referred to as "it" in English and begin referring to your dog in human terms. When you bring a dog into your house, you'll realise that no bond is more unconditional than yours with your pet. The way a dog waggles its tail when it sees you, no matter what stage of life you're in, makes 'him or her' much more valuable than family. From now it’s always him or her not it.

Consult a canine behaviourist for assistance if you're ever having trouble adopting a homeless dog. Remember that, like you and me, some dogs act in such ways as a result of their experiences. You'll be able to form a lifelong relationship with your independent dog if you give it time and patience.


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