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Updated: Dec 3, 2021


After securing 2nd position in last season with excellent performances after the winter break of last season and after signing Cristiano Ronaldo, they were the favorites for the title this season.

They even started the season very well sitting in pole position till Aston villa game where they defeated by 1-0 and before that lost to young boys in the champions league, and that was the biggest shock.

Man Utd lost to Leicester city 4-2 and after Sunday thrashing 5-0 to Liverpool where Man Utd have been 0-4 by visitors in the first half they couldn't pull it back and lost by 0-5 and got a red card for half time sub Paul Pogba and one of the best moment for visitors fan where the Liverpool fans sang ole on the wheel.

Man Utd in the last five-game won just one game, drew one, and lost three, which made them sit at 7th position with 14 points and just one goal difference that shows Man Utd struggling with defense.

Antonio Conte and Zinedine Zidane, linked to Man Utd after an inferior result by the club under Ole.

Zidane has a higher chance of getting the job of Man Utd as he has an outstanding record in both league games and champion league, and he even said that. He would be happy to take these chances and wanna compete in European competitions. Image 1

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