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How to value time in your life?

Do you know that all living souls are spending exactly the same period of time, that there is all of a homeless person sleeping below a bridge or on a park bean, that no one has the same time as the world's most productive industrialist, and we all have exactly the same amount of time. So it's what we do with time, and that is what matters?

What can I hear, you know? I hear the clock tick, and time waits for no man. Life passes by and rapidly doesn't waste those years, don't waste these years, live them to struggle with everything you have that ticking clock.  So like the end of a hand day, you can put your head down, you can head down satisfied.

value your time

It makes me crazy when people say that I don't have enough time to work out at the gym 45 minutes a day or to do something 45 minutes an hour to improve whether it's physical or intellectual.

Imagine you need 1 hour a day about history how much you will learn after 365 hours? So it drives me crazy because we have 24 hours a day we sleep 6 hours a day. So there are still 18 hours. How you address it? Are you face it? You face it a single day of your life.

Where you say all right, if you're fat and you have to lose weight, is patience. Right now, who are you? I'm fat, that's not something that I like accepting myself.  If you lose 3-4 pounds that is a huge accomplishment you have to live in your own world.

You can't judge yourself. That is why social media is horrible. You can't judge yourself often of what you call competition that we have made up in our minds. Things about how people look, how people act, how intelligent people are. This is a race you're running alone.

You want to improve! You want to get better! You want to get on a workout program or a clean diet or start a new business. You want to write a book or make a movie or build a house or a computer or an app. Where do you start? You start right here! When do you start? You start right now!

Here are some suggestions, that may help you to value your time:

Know your Time

It is hard to stop procrastination or improve your productivity if you don't measure your time. Because you have to know where you are going first if you want to manage your time better.

You don't have enough memory. Would you have an answer if I were to ask you what you were doing exactly one week ago? You go there.

How know your time?   Keep an activity log. I often ask them to keep an activity log for two weeks before I even have a real session with users. You can exactly imagine an activity log — an hour after an hour record of what you do all day long.

example pf activity log
Activity Log

It doesn't matter which particular method you use for your activity log. The only important thing is that for at least two weeks you want to keep records. You prefer to have the recorded activities for a whole month.

On my desk, I only have a pen and a notepad and I write down every hour the time and what I did during the last hour. Keeping the notebook visible is important, so you don't forget about it.

Point out the Non - Productive work

In fact, this is a simple step. I've only got one question for you:

"Take all the recurring events one by one in your log. What if you were to stop doing them?"

When the answer is: "Every hell is losing." Don't change anything.

But if your reply is: "Nothing would happen."  You got gold.

We're all doing ZERO returning activities. I call the time-wasters of those activities.

Remove the Time Wasters

Boom. So you're stopping wasting time. Know where your time goes, know where your time goes. Identify the critical tasks in your life from the trivial tasks. And reduce the tedious, time-consuming tasks.

"It's easy?" Yes. 

You regularly keep a log if you want to be a super-efficient person. For 365 days a year, you don't need to keep a log.

Rather, do two three weeks a year stretches. This is enough to monitor your time and identify new wasters of time.

Stop wasting Time
Stop wasting Time

Also, it makes you think of your daily routine as an additional advantage of such a simple exercise.

Often we start to spend time and become habits. And it's difficult to break these bad habits if you don't know the ineffective behavior.

This is one of the most powerful things that I have found to stop wasting time.

So, stop thinking about it. Stop dreaming about it.

Start doing it take that first step.

And make it happen!

Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.


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