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Why highly smart/intelligent people struggle in love or relationship?

We're all dealing with love issues. We're all looking for love, and even when we find it, we don't know how to cultivate it.

It can be even more complicated for intelligent people. It may be simple for them to come up with solutions and solve problems, but when it comes to love, many intelligent people fall short. Love may seem nonsensical or irrational to them, and they have a hard time comprehending it.

reasons for a smart people have such hard time falling love @newsmusk

So, let's look at why intelligent people have such a hard time falling in love - Here are a few reasons why highly intelligent people have such a hard time falling in love -

They overthink everything - Detail-oriented people are more intelligent. Before beginning a relationship with someone, they want to check out and evaluate all of their attributes and characteristics. One amusing aspect of them is that they will mentally run through any possible scenario, contemplating all the ways a relationship could go wrong. And, since there are so many more ways for things to go wrong, they sometimes assume that there's no point in beginning the relationship at all because the bad outweighs the good.

They are comfortable - Intelligent people who are self-sufficient are usually at ease in their own company. In reality, the more intelligent an individual is, the more freedom they value. They are so confident of who they are and what they have that they are always wary of anything that might jeopardize their freedom, including relationships. Some people think that getting into a relationship will take away their freedom, so they try to avoid it or remain single for as long as possible. However, when you are in a mature relationship with someone who really loves you, they will not attempt to manipulate you or interfere with your freedom.

They trust their minds more than their hearts - Smart people like to make choices based on facts and statistics because of their logical minds. Every decision they make is based on rational consideration of all options. As a result, they always follow their brain's instructions, regardless of how they feel in their hearts. This way of thinking is useful to some extent, but there are times when they should listen to their hearts - particularly when it comes to love.

They are more suspicious - It's a good idea to be cautious when choosing partners, but being too cautious can backfire. Intelligent people are prone to suspicion, particularly when it comes to selecting a partner. They will conjure up a lot of bad ideas in order to avoid being duped into choosing the wrong person. This may work in their favor at times, but it also means they may be isolated for long periods of time.

They have high standards - Intelligent people have high expectations of themselves and the people around them. They want their lives to be fine, and they don't want to compromise their values because of what others are doing. Smart people have a clear understanding of the kind of person they want to be with, and they won't waste their time with someone who isn't a good match. Finding your exact requirements can be challenging, and you can have to wait a long time if you have very high unyielding expectations. 

They can be guarded - Intelligent people can be seen as having a shield around them because they have a hard time opening up to others. Since they rarely trust others, they have a hard time sharing their secrets with anyone. They also reminisce about the past, recalling instances in which they were hurt when they confided in others. They may seem cold and distant as a result of this, but that's only because they're trying to shield themselves from getting hurt again.

They prioritize their goals in life - You've probably met someone who seems to have their whole life planned out, right down to their hopes and objectives. This is how intelligent people are. They have dreams and ambitions for which they have set deadlines, and they always put all else on hold to concentrate on them. They are so preoccupied with achieving their objectives that they have no time for a romantic relationship. Smart people put a lot of effort into working for their goals even though they are in a relationship, while their partners complain about being neglected.

Beauty doesn't come fast - Another reason smart people struggle with love is that they spend so much time trying to find out if someone is the right partner. Intelligence is more important than appearance. Before you make up your mind, you would prefer personality. However, if you take that decision too long, you risk ending alone - because most people aren't going to wait long.

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They are intimidating - People are often afraid of persecuting intelligent people because they seem taunting. You don't want to get dismissed so you don't bother. Some people never think they can't date smart people because they aren't in the same "class." But truly smart people are emotional beings as intimidating as they may appear. Behind their hard exterior, they just hide their soft spots. All they need is a patient person who understands them.

They don't like restrictions - Intelligent individuals like to themselves. They're not about people boxing in, or limiting them to what they love. They really like to be free to move around and do the things that make them happy. Regardless of who you are or the extent of your relationship with them, when smart people are caught they are free.

They are bold - Smart people are usually audacious. They prefer to express their mind rather than be completely reserved for their views. As a consequence, their words can sometimes appear a little rude. It has its advantages freely to express your mind, but it can sometimes be adverse. For example, sometimes in a relationship, although you have many things to say, you must be gentle and calm. Studying to be silent saves you from unnecessary stress. 

They cannot afford to lose - Smart people don't always realize that not all struggles should be won. Sometimes you have to just let the peace reign when you argue with your partner. Yes, you have evidence and your arguments are good. You have evidence. But relations are not discussions and no winners. So sometimes you have to give up your position for peace in a relationship. Even when you are, you can't always be right.

Partners can't keep up - It's not really a problem to be average or smart. You only need to find somebody who can relate to you on the same level. Intellectual mismatch in a relationship can be a big problem. If you and your partner can't talk to each other or relate to their behavior, relationships struggle.

They can get bored of their partner - Smart people are fascinated by new things. But their fascination only lasts until they figure out something due to their love of learning. They get tired and move on to other fascinating things once they understand it. However, their relationships can be affected. If they are loved, they will become intrigued by emotions and other implications for a while, but they will lose interest and start looking for encouragement elsewhere after finding out what their partners are.

Comfortability brings Freedom @newsmusk
Comfortability brings Freedom

They are single by choice - The last reason smart people often are single is that they choose to be. Some may see love and courtesy as old and outdated practices, and they simply don't understand their hype. They weigh all the options and decide that they are better alone like all their choices. This means that you don't have to be dumped in love in any way.

The last reason smart people often are single is that they choose to be. Some may see love and courtesy as old and outdated practices, and they simply don't understand their hype. They weigh all the options and decide that they are better alone like all their choices. This means that you don't have to be dumped in love in any way.

Can you connect with this list? Are you struggling with love or a relationship?

Share your comments and thoughts.

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