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Why BEST FRIENDS are so valuable?

It's a wonderful thing to share friendship with someone you care for. You'll share a lot of smiles, treats, tears, and irreplaceable memories.  When you consider what you've accomplished together, you'll realize how important your friends are in your life.

The term "friend" is sometimes misunderstood. It's possible that the people you drink with, eat with, and hang out with aren't really your friends. But today I'm not going deep into this matter. I'm only focusing on best friend.

let's focus on the real term of best friend and his/her value in your life. For me, best friend means,

One who friendship with you without any expectations is BEST FRIEND.
The BEST FRIEND is someone who believes in you regardless of your success or failure.

We have friends from all walks of life, but 99 percent of them are fake these days because they are all looking for something from us. The remaining 1% are best friends who serve as stepping stones to our life's success. In life, everyone has many mates, but your best friend is the one who is always by your side, supporting you through your challenges and successes.

Your mother or father, brother or sister, or close friend maybe your best friend. This term refers to a strong bond.

Without thinking twice, your best friend, who has no ties to you, risks his life for you. Someone who listens to all of your stories is a friend, but someone who is a part of stories is your best friend.

image of best friend @newsmusk
Valuable Person

Uniqueness is also something to be proud of. As like me and my best friend aren't the same, which adds to the intrigue of our friendship in the grand scheme of things. Plus, being friends with someone who was just like you would get a little boring. My best friend teaches me a lot, which is yet another reason to be thankful for his presence in my life. It's being 13 years of our friendship. Still, we act like two poles and fight like cats. But can't stay without each other. He is the one person I know who has my back no matter what. Every success and failure without him are just like nothing to me. There's no excitement in my life without him. we both enjoyed our rollercoaster rides of life with each other.

You'll only love a few people in your life as much as you love your best friend. You'll have a bond that you'll never share with someone else, no matter where you go or how far apart you are. It's easy to think about all the reasons why your best friend is so valuable, but you should remind yourself every now and then how fortunate you are to have them.

Here are a few reasons why you're lucky how valuable your best friend is to you:

Surprisingly good listener.

He/she is the friend you turn to when you just want to speak your heart out to someone without being judged or nudged with 100 solutions.   They listen with an open mind, making you feel at ease because you know you can talk to him about everything.

Viciously honest.

He/she knows no diplomacy, unlike other friends, and says exactly what he/she thinks. You've been thinking about something, and you've got a million thoughts going through your head — talk to him/her, and it'll all be cleared up in no time. It might be the advice you get, the authenticity you receive about a subject you've been worried about or just the one piece of input you required.


You can depend on him/her for everything in life (warning: you may have to remind him/her of this on a regular basis). He's the one person in your life with whom your parents are at ease. He/she's earned your confidence, maybe a little too much because there are days when you're questioned and he isn't (what was I thinking?). This thing happens, especially in opposite-gender friendships.

Allow you to be yourself.

The feeling of lowering your true personality for those who don't get you doesn't relate to him/her. In front of him/her, you can be as crazy, serious, or iconic as you want, and he/she won't change a thing. He/she motivates you to be the best version of yourself possible. You'll never have to worry what she/he'll think because she/he's already themselves in front of you!

Hanging out at the last minute(s)

On a rainy day, nothing beats venturing out into a cafe for a cup of hot chocolate or going bar hopping late at night with a friend. He/she'll be there in a flash if you give him a ring (unless you happen to have an introverted friend just like mine who would rather sit back at home and read books).

image of friend @newsmusk
Crime Partner

In all of the craziness, your partner.

When was the last time you did anything utterly crazy? It was most likely recently or so long ago that you are still trying to remember it.  Best friends give you the freedom to go out of your way and do something crazy while knowing that everyone is looking out for you. It's twice the fun, and you'll have a story to tell for the rest of your life; she/he's made to be the perfect crime partner.

He/she's your go-to person.

One of the greatest feelings is knowing that you can reach out to someone at any moment, not only when you're down, but even when you're feeling great. He/she's the first person you go to at 2 a.m. for all the crazy conversations, to practice sarcasm on, those lame pick-up lines, to weep your heart out when you're hurting, or just to get a hug to make it all better.  There's a good chance he/she knows you better than you know yourself; hold him/her close to you for the rest of your life; no one else can understand you as he/she does.

Gives you the best advice when it comes to your crush.

He/she knows how a woman/man's mind works, he/she knows the tricks of the trade, and he/she can read a person's mind from the inside out. If you have a crush, be prepared to be trolled — that is how they express love — and also to receive the raw critic over this guy/girl you have fallen in love with. Your best friend will always be supportive and protective of you, no matter what you do, where you stand, or how you go about your life. He/she'll be the last person to let you make stupid decisions about boys/girls, and he/she'll give you the best relationship advice you'll ever get.

Drama-less life.

Believe me when I say that having a best friend greatly reduces the amount of drama in your life; of course, he/she has his/her own share of drama. But it'll be well worth it. You don't have to any longer worry about what would my friend think of it, is it acceptable to the occasion, etc etc.. you will avoid dwelling on the needless topics of life just to begin enjoying life as it is.

Personal photographer.

Girls adore photographs, some excessively so, while others are just right. It is never possible without a good photographer in hand. You're in luck if you have a photographer for a best friend, as you probably already know. Nothing beats feeling that someone is there to catch all of your happiest moments (the bad ones will be used against you when you least expect it).

What is it about your best friend that you love?

Let him/her know how much he/she means to you by sharing this with him/her. As I'm sharing this with my best friend through this post.

In the comments section below, let me know what you think of this post.


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