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What are the ways and qualities one should have to be Today's Changemaker?

How much change did you experience in the last 1 year?  If it was a positive change, such as a promotion or meeting your life partner, or a negative change, such as failure or redundancy, I'm guessing you went through a lot. Do we consider it as a 'Changemaker? I guess no. Many questions arise in your mind such as -

What's the definition of a changemaker? What are the qualities they should have? How can a student be a changemaker?

So, here are the answers I try to give.

features of a changemaker @newsmusk

Changemakers are courageous and bold. They're still upbeat and genuinely concerned. They recognize a problem and take steps to solve it. Anything is possible for changemakers.

Change management is a difficult task. You have the authority (and the tools) to change the workplace. Make a distinction: Reinvent the society, re-energize the way work is done, and give everybody a say.

Generally, everyone thinks the changemakers are the leaders, that's quite true.

By definition, a leader seems to have no difficulty leading a community of people. A bigger bully with more violence becomes the group's leader. A greater manipulator who achieves his or her shellfish goals appears to rise to the position of leader. Here's the twist all leaders are not changemakers.

By their very nature, the new generation of leaders, the changemakers, are special. They are the ones that lead from the heart. Connectors are what they are. They have no fear. They are action-oriented.

The Qualities:

The first quality of a changemaker is similar to the Brazilian nut tree. The rainforest's heart is the brazil nut tree. Around the tree, the whole forest thrives. The brazil nut tree provides sustenance to bees, agoutis, and monkeys, who in turn provide sustenance to others. As a result, the first quality of a changemaker is that he or she makes life thrive around them while still flourishing as life evolves around them.

defination of changemakers, @newsmusk
Leaders are Changemakers

The second quality of a changemaker is to be like a tropical tree. There isn't a single tree that can keep the tropics alive. The tropics are supported by a large number of trees. The tropical rain forest is made up of coconut trees, jack fruit trees, mango trees, and a number of other trees, as well as myriad life forms such as elephants, monkeys, and ants. A changemaker lives in balance with the rest of the world. He or she would not see themselves as a leader on their own. They demonstrate leadership in different capacities. As required for the development of any group of people, organization, or country. They possess the ability to intelligently share leadership with those who are deserving of it.

The ability to be like the hub tree is the third quality of a changemaker. The hub trees are the largest trees in a forest, and their roots are extremely related. They provide carbon and water to other trees in the shade or young saplings, nourishing them for life. They also alter their root structure to make room for saplings that do not necessarily belong to their own kin. The ability to communicate with the rest of the ecosystem is the third quality of a changemaker. They build and maintain a beautiful ecosystem in their immediate surroundings. Through the strength of their linked consciousness, they have an influence on individuals, their families, teams, and society as a whole. They guide them toward greater goals. They guide them toward greater goals. They are very concerned for the well-being of others.

The influence of a changemaker derives from the realization that we are all interconnected and interdependent, and he or she acts as a result of this awareness.

These realizations are better to come from the student life because it's the base of the knowledge or you can say a base of a building. As the base gets strong then obviously the building will be strong.

The ways:

Never say No: Okay, there are some things you can decline for your own protection, but that's not what we're talking about. Being a changemaker isn't always easy, and it comes with a lot of risks, but going outside of your comfort zone can lead to amazing opportunities. Perhaps the opportunity to collaborate with someone who encourages you or to travel to a new place. These tasks can be frightening, but never turn them down out of fear of failure.

You'll have more regrets about what you didn't do than what you did, as the adage goes. Take the chance!

For a moment, forget about your grade: Our educational system instills in us the belief that a letter grade is the be-all and end-all of achievement. Getting an A can feel validated, particularly when you put in the effort to earn it, but learning to think beyond the letter grade is also the first step toward becoming a change maker. Consider changing your outlook and focusing on how and why you received an A or not. What strategies were successful? What didn't work? When do you feel the most inspired?

We all learn in different ways, so it's crucial to figure out how you learn best. Focusing on the method rather than the result is an ability that will aid your growth as a changemaker.

Failure is not a bad thing, Don't afraid of it: Although a perfect report card is desirable, we have already established that becoming a changemaker is not about grades. Danger, tenacity, determination, and the willingness to fail are all required to bring about change. We guarantee that no innovator, activist, or artistic thinker got it all right the first time around. Instead, they began again after learning a new lesson each time they stumbled or encountered a roadblock. Perfection is a bad goal to have. Resiliency is a better goal to have.

The more you persevere in the face of difficulties and defeats, the more you can think about yourself and your objectives. Strive for the stars and don't be afraid to fall short. In the end, it'll all be for naught.

ways to become a changemaker @NewsMusk

Concentrate on the big picture: This isn't glamorous work. Angelina Jolie may make humanitarian aid seem glamorous, but she isn't most people. Keep your eye on the prize—who benefits? It's possible that you won't see the end result in your lifetime, but that's no excuse to give up. When you're working on a project that you're really excited about, it's easy to get caught up in the minutiae. You can lose sight of the bigger picture if you become too concentrated. Hello, annoyance!

Projects will fall apart if we get off track, losing their original purpose. All changemakers have one thing in common: they think high. They frequently make sure their job is in line with the original goal on a regular basis. And they are driven by their beliefs.

Discover your squad: Our culture idolizes the Steve Jobs, Albert Einsteins, and Malala Yousafzais of the world, who worked tirelessly to change history on their own. But, let's face it, not everyone is an innovator or a social activist.

What's the good news? You are not required to be. Right now, there are a lot of smart and capable people doing fantastic work. Join them in their battle! Look for partners that are working on projects that you are interested in. Find partners who encourage you to be the best version of yourself by teaching you new skills, inspiring you, and calling you out when you lose motivation. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” as the great thinker Aristotle once said. So get your heads together and start brainstorming ways to mutually improve our world—while still having fun.

Now, more than ever, the planet needs a new generation of leaders. And it requires a changemaker who leads from the heart, not just any leader. So, as a young person, are you prepared to make a changemaker? It's a journey; it's a process. 

There are several ways to bring these suggestions into action on a regular basis. I'll eagerly await your advice on how to become a changemaker. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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