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What can I learn/know right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?

Everyone appreciates a good life hack, especially one that is simple to implement.

While one minute may not appear to be a long time to master a useful skill, you'd be surprised how much you can actually accomplish in 60 seconds or less.

1. Start everything with 'why?' in mind.

Source : Wix

2. Save ink when printing.

When printing documents, simply changing the text from black to gray. This will make little difference to the quality of what you're printing, and will not only reduce the amount of ink used, but it'll also increase the printing speed. "Needless to say that by using less ink, you will be slowing down the process filling the mother earth with used cartridges, helping our earth remain greener."

3. Stop an impending sneeze.

"Squeeze your nose. Catch the part of your nose above the tip and stretch it out as if you are removing your nose out of your face. It should not be painful, but simply stretch out your cartilage, stopping the sneeze.

4. Build muscle at your desk.

Building muscles
Source : Wix

5. Save time with computer shortcuts.

6. Easily change text case in Word.

Highlight the text you want to change the case of and press Shift+F3. Doing this once will convert the highlighted text to all upper case, twice will convert the text to all lowercase, and three times will capitalize the first letter of each word.

7. Never prematurely send an email again.

"When you're writing an email, fill in the addressee last". "This way, you will never accidentally click and send a premature email." ( David Spencer)

8. Make anonymous phone calls.

According to an anonymous reader who clearly values his privacy, to make an anonymous phone call on a cell phone in the United States, dial *69, the country code you're calling - if you're calling someone in the US, that's 1 - and then dial the phone number. The call recipient will see a message like "unavailable" or "private number" on his caller ID.

Phone ringing
Source : Wix

9. Declutter your mind before bed.

10. Alway know if you've taken your daily medication.

11. Conserve your smartphone battery.

Phone screen
Source : Wix

12. Have a more productive day.

"In the morning, when you get to work or school, the first thing you should do is to prioritize your day," writes user David Palank. "Most people start by checking emails or phone calls. However, prioritizing is the most draining on the brain and should be done when your brain is fresh! This is the first step to productivity."

13. Know which side the gas tank is on without getting out of the car.

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