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What's wrong with our society today?

I always tell people to put themselves, their tribes, their families, and their communities first because we're fucked as a whole.

Society has always had flaws, but they are now accelerating and exacerbating these flaws.

Having said that, I remain optimistic about your ability to improve your life. There has never been a better time to be alive for a human.

Why do so many people on the planet actually self-medicate? They self-medicate with a lot of technology! In front of the white screen, they're self-medicating.  Every day, we check our phones 110 times! That isn't a good way to test the technology! If you have any idea what it is?

That is both an addiction and a way to get away from reality. And if you asked most people, "Did you know you're addicted to your smartphones?" they'd probably say, "Yes." Did you suspect you have a television addiction? Do you think you're addicted to your excuses? Do you have an addiction to gossip? Did you realize you're addicted to alcohol and drinking too much of it?

Did you know that all you're doing is a flight from what is, because deep down inside, the deepest hidden part of you knows you're in pain because of potential that hasn't been unlived?

Deep down inside, they'd like to put you to death. Most people in the world, I believe, are heartbroken! What is the explanation for this? Since they have betrayed their heart's dreams, ambitions, values, and mission! They have compromised their talent by succumbing to the world's mass hypnosis sales pitch.

And they're 35 and 45 years old, and they're just saying, "No! No!" as everyone else would. And what they do is snoop around in other people's lives. For the most part, people... Their suffering stems from their inability to sit quietly in a room alone.

Most of us are so busy, overstimulated, and interrupted that we don't take the time to build the silent spaces where our creativity will emerge. And that's not just because 95% of the population does it. This is how we believe we should live. So what I'm saying to you is that the reason the bulk of mankind is doing this is to escape the suffering that is deep inside their subconscious.

And why are they in such pain? Why do they need distraction medication? It's because they don't want to experience the pain. It's inconvenient. Feeling the pain takes courage! And all I'm saying is that if you've betrayed your potential, if you're not taking it on, if you're not shining your light in the universe, if you're not standing in the highest expression of your fullest abilities, you're not only doing the world a disservice, but you're also growing the pain.

Bring your potential and light to the world; if you don't, your pain will only get worse! Your latent sadness will intensify! And you'll drink more alcohol, take more drugs, be more toxic at work, and be more passive-aggressive or hateful as a result.

And if you're wondering why there's so much hatred in the world... It's an addiction, it's a dopamine addiction, to check your notifications, texts, WhatsApp, and see photos of other people's breakfast.

Start the process of breaking your addiction to distraction today! If you will look at most people on the planet, they are literally hooked to a white screen! They are squandering their human resources by being enslaved to a social network that is building empires for others! Many, if not the majority, of us, are now artificial intelligence! They are not realising their brain's potential, their physiological potential, their artistic potential, or their economic potential! What is the explanation for this? Since they are engrossed in a computer, and the majority of people are lost! The majority of people are addicted! Please turn off your cellphones! Take it seriously! This is the time of your life! Live your life!

I want to reassure you by the end of this: Nobody is coming to save you.

Huge entities, including those with good intentions, will still fail you.

Because of the dynamics of culture, placing your trust in the collective almost always results in failure. So, try to live your life in your own ways.

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