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National Grammar Day

Studying grammar is boring and annoying right? Well if not for all most of us hate grammar, but think isn’t it how we speak, read, study, analyze and recreate our own language? The part which we hate most since our school days are so essential to our own dialect. There are more than 1 million words within just the English language. So what does grammar actually do, apart from annoying you? Grammar teaches you about the language itself, the structure of a word, a sentence. If there is something amiss, a word, a punctuation mark or the sentence is grammatically incorrect it changes our understanding of that particular sentence or the interpretation of it.

In the year 2008, Martha Brockenbrough author of Things that Make Us [Sic] established the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar (SPOGG) to educate and promote positive and effervescent use of Grammar in our daily life, 4th March is celebrated as National Grammar day because as the date suggests: “March Forth”. Remember, Language is something that needs to be celebrated, appreciated and grammar is the system or edifice to understand the language itself which in turn makes us understand ourselves. It helps us understand each other better.

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