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IBM is installing their first private quantum computer at Cleveland Clinic.

In medical research artificial intelligence, cloud, and quantum computing technology can be used in an additional collaboration between IBM and the Cleveland Clinic.

The IBM and the Cleveland Clinic long-term partners are back here: This Tuesday a 10-year team-up was launched to introduce the IBM quantum computing systems into the newest clinical testing facility in the hospital. The pair unveiled a new joint effort.

A collaboration between the Discovery Accelerator and the clinicians is to be developed by the Global Centre, which launched $500 million in hospital and state funding in February. The research center focuses on the identification, preparation, and advancement of new diagnoses, therapies, vaccinations, and digital technologies for the next pandemic worldwide by means of genomic and sociological research.

IBM comes in there. IBM. Its artificial intelligence, cloud-based, and quantum computing resources will significantly facilitate the collection and review of all the data required to achieve the center's objectives: the use of robotics and IA to, for example, synthesize new molecules and advanced computing techniques in identifying possible medicinal targets.

Cleveland Clinic will become the first non-IBM facility to host the Big Blue Quantum System 1 through collaboration. The supercomputer launched two years ago and housed in a temperature-controlled glass cube, is the fastest and most advanced computer the company has ever been able to use with IBM and uses a small part of its memory to carry out complex computations thousands of times faster when the computer can manage them at all.

In addition, IBM has promised to install the next quantic hardware isolation, scheduled for 2023, on campus in Cleveland.

Arvind Krishna, IBM's CEO, and the president said that "the pandemic of COVID-19 produced one of the biggest races in the history of scientific discovery—one that needs unparalleled agility and speed. "With high-performance computers, hybrid cloud, data, AI, and quantum computing being used in new ways to crack long-standing bottlenecks in scientific research, science is also undergoing change."

The partners are not the first to use a quantum calculation to study medicine. Google and Boehringer Ingelheim worked together earlier this year to build a Quantum Laboratory for research and development for Big Pharma.

Roche and U.K's quantum computing based in Cambridge, which is using the supercomputer program of the latter to speed up research into and development of former Alzheimer's disease.



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Source- Fierce Biotech

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Soujanya Syamal
Soujanya Syamal
01 avr. 2021

We R so Much Close to New Era of Computing... We can see the revolution..... Finger crossed...

Quantum Computing is the future.😍

Loved it

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