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How Effective is the New Covid19 Testing Method?

With the growing number of cases every day, countries over the world are trying out new processes and testing methods to detect the deadly coronavirus at the earliest. India is even trying out a self-testing kit that can detect the virus within 15 minutes according to the ICMR. This will reduce the time taken for the test so that the patients can start their treatment at the earliest.

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New Covid19 Testing Kit in India

Cipla, in collaboration with Ubio Biotechnology Systems, has announced the commercialization of their RT-PCR test kit ‘ViraGen' for Covid-19 in India.

In a regulatory filing, Cipla stated, "This launch will help address current testing services and capacity issues while reaffirming the company's ongoing expansion in the diagnostic space."

The Coronavirus detection kit will be available starting May 25, 2021, according to the manufacturer.

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New Covid19 testing kit around the World

According to a study published in In the Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology, researchers from the University of Florida and Taiwan's National Chiao Tung University have devised a method for evaluating Covid-19 biomarkers that is both quick and sensitive. Their sensor system detects objects in less than a second.

In a news statement from the American Institute of Physics, which publishes the journal, Minghan Xian, study author and doctorate candidate at the University of Florida, is reported as saying, "This could alleviate slow Covid-19 testing turnaround time issues."

The number of copies of viral RNA in the conventional RT-PCR approach for Covid-19 detection must be amplified, or the binding signal for a target biomarker must be amplified. The second strategy is used by the group. The test employs a biosensor strip that resembles the shape of widely available glucose test strips. A tiny microfluidic tube at the tip is used to introduce the test fluid. “Within the microfluidic channel, a few electrodes are exposed to fluid. One is coated with gold, and Covid-relevant antibodies are attached to the gold surface via a chemical method,” Xian is quoted as saying.

Sensor strips are linked to a circuit board via a connector during measurement, and a brief electrical test signal is sent between the gold electrode linked with Covid antibodies and another auxiliary electrode. After that, the signal is returned to the circuit board for further processing.

The sensor strips in the system must be discarded after usage, however, the test circuit board can be reused. As a result, the cost of testing might be drastically lowered.


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