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How AI adoption has the potential to revolutionize India's EdTech industry

EdTech platforms powered by AI are assisting students in determining the next step in their educational journey.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based technical advances are driven in the world around us. These innovations not only facilitate our lives through alarms, texts, or playing our favorite music, but also make them discern our likes and misgivings. Don't you believe us? Do you not believe us? Look at your favorite social media application feed. Is it full of content rightly attracting you? It's worked for AI and ML. But only with the AI's true potential have we begun to scratch the surface. For example, in EdTech where AI is used to revolutionize the way students approach learning, we are experiencing great developments.

AI-powered platforms are popping up all over the place these days. In terms of universities and curriculum, students have a plethora of fantastic opportunities and choices. However, for newcomers, the abundance of options can quickly become overwhelming. With so many options, students may become overwhelmed when deciding on the right course, college, or career path, among other things.

However, there is a solution. Today's students don't need to schedule an appointment, wait in lines, or spend the whole day at a single institution to determine if it is the right fit for them. Help has arrived in the form of artificial intelligence (AI). They can easily search for what they need on the internet. Furthermore, AI-powered EdTech platforms assist students in determining their next educational step. This may be of greater assistance to students than a guidance counselor.

What is to be studied?

Some students go through the whole process of education, know exactly what they want to study and what job they expect. With so many options, however, most learners spend time under many programs and career options to find one that appears appropriate. This task itself requires expertise and experience and is a challenge for a young learner. Furthermore, it cannot lead to underperformance in future jobs if I do not know what to study. So they choose a degree that seems popular, but they end up having a job they really hate.

How artificial intelligence can help students?

AI search engines can make things easy by EdTech platforms. Probably learners should complete a questionnaire at the beginning. The AI-enabled platform helps to understand the potential, interests, career options, budget, location, etc. of the learner. Therefore, universities and study programs matching students can be suggested. It can also help you contact the institution for any other instructions. It could also offer students a range of profiles of schools a student can examine.

Find your application

Most Edtechs focus on learning models and material. Some people have taken the extra step to help students make decisions. AI and ML have the potential to have a vital role by helping students to make highly effective choices on their career paths.

These innovations help students to decide what they are to study, and, most importantly, help them fulfill their educational dream to suit them in all ways. Edtech is revolutionized by AI-powerful search technology by helping those students through predictive, smart site searches.

So, AI is not only the intelligent choice to integrate with search engines, it is the only way forward.


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Source- Financial Express

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