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‘Health is Wealth’ in the world of rat-race

This famous old saying of ‘Health is Wealth’ rarely gets respect from the modern world. The fast pace of work and duty succumbs us in such a manner that we hardly care about health and fitness issues. In the 20th century before such technology burst, Kasrat and yoga were compulsory parts of one’s lifestyle, and people used to find connections with Vedic literature to keep body and mind fit and healthy. It was indeed compared to wealth as the people understood that good health prevents a lot of health issues and provides longevity in life. So, where are we now currently and how are we caring for such an important asset ‘health’?

Health vs Wealth

In the world of rat-race, people consider wealth as more important than health. Health is often ignored. Unhealthy lifestyles, luxurious food habits, and the dearth of exercise have grown in individuals on a large scale. A well-settled person has a lot of money in his pocket but hardly cares to invest in lifestyle bettering ways. Health issues are side-lined from teenagers themselves which ultimately poses a greater threat in the future. An unhealthy lifestyle is like slow-poison, causing various ailments and brings your death nearer than usual by some years. This is increasingly due to the attitude of living life completely every moment. People tend to overlook long-term effects and engage in any activity that feels safer for the time being. Extreme workload and stress disrupt the focus related to this topic.

Compromise to health and fitness

Exam pressure of teenagers and workload of adults compel them to stay up late at night or no morning exercises and fast food anywhere anytime. As a youth, we even do not find anything wrong with it because one must work such hard to survive in this competitive world. Nevertheless, social media and OTT platforms to contribute the process of sticking to the smartphone or computer from the day to late night. Restaurants and fast-food centers are in high demand and every small to big occasions are celebrated there now and then. Coming to morning exercises, most youths of this generation have never seen the beauty of the sunrise. No exercises, on top of that, crashed sleep cycle or sometimes no sleep poses a lot of health and mental issues from a young age itself.

Effects in modern lifestyle

This way of living has adverse effects on our bodies and mind. Heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and cancer are few chronic results. Even the immunity of our body decreases due to unhealthy ways of living our life. The body's hormones and enteric juices are secreted properly if one exercises regularly. Proper food and sleep habits help in fat control too. Coming to mental issues, a disrupted sleep cycle causes insomnia from a young age. Anxiety, OCD, depression are some other problems faced due to unhealthy lifestyle and stress in life. A healthy person glows differently and always active. Nowadays, most of us are lazy, getting tired, and cannot manage a heavy workload. Morning walks and meditation are some of the very easy healthy things that hardly one follows.

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