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Why were WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram down for 40 minutes?

WhatsApp was down with Instagram and Facebook Messenger for about an hour on Friday night. A little before 11:00 pm, the services were broken and back online around 11:45 pm.


  • For about 45 minutes, WhatsApp was down.

  • Instagram users were also faced with similar photo platform problems.

  • Some users reported issues with the Messenger app on Facebook.


WhatsApp had been down almost an hour on Friday night. Throughout the world and in India, millions of people have found WhatsApp no longer working around 11 PM. Too many people suffered an outage in Instagram and Facebook Messenger. The services such as WhatsApp returned online about 45 minutes after midnight.

Not only did the user fail to send messages while the WhatsApp was down but the chat application itself did not connect to the WhatsApp servers.

During WhatsApp, Signal was trying to cash in on the matter. He tweeted that he saw a spike in the records suddenly. "Signals are registered through the roof; welcome to all! Solidarity with the people working on the outage of WhatsApp. People outside the technology industry will never understand how strange it sounds when someone says they "see for some weekend off" Signal tweeted.

For users worldwide, WhatsApp has been down. Instagram was also available to users, according to the website of the DownDetector. When we reported the problem on this page, over 11,000 people registered downdetector problems with the WhatsApp service while nearly 12,000 people registered Instagram problems.

Soon after a few minutes, over 38,000 people recorded problems with Downdetector's WhatsApp service. On the other hand, Instagram saw nearly 30 000 people after a while registering problems.

Below is a graph showing how many people have registered WhatsApp problems.

Within minutes, users rushed to Twitter to see if the issue with their phone or whether other people reported the same problem. The problem was not a result of the WhatsApp problem. And they discovered that the outage of WhatsApp was global from others.

At the moment, the reason is not clear, however, Instagram and Messenger on Facebook show that the problem was with Facebook servers. WhatsApp has suffered outrage.

The glitch has not yet been publicly commented on by Facebook and WhatsApp. Even the WhatsApp Twitter account, which would otherwise be very active, is still silent, and hundreds of millions of users remain in the dark.

Below is a graph showing how many people have registered Instagram problems.

However, on Twitter, the Facebook Gaming account confirmed that Facebook services were problematic. He said in a tweet, "A number of Facebook products, including gaming streams, are currently affected. Many teams work on it, and when possible we will update you."

On the DownDetector reporting was more than 1 lakh at its peak WhatsApp. After around 11.40.00, though, the number of "down reports" came down sharply when WhatsApp started working again. The same is true for Instagram and Facebook, who are also back online again.

Besides WhatsApp and Instagram, Facebook Messenger was down on Friday also for many users worldwide. However, as seen on the Downdetector website, the spike is much less than that of WhatsApp or Instagram.


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Source- IndiaToday

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