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Why Bill Gates Prefer Android over iPhone?

"I actually use an Android phone," Bill Gates said.

Microsoft's co-founder Bill Gates resurrected the old controversy 'iPhone vs Android' when he showed himself to have a personal preference for Android devices recently. The billionaire said in an interview with the Clubhouse audio chat app, he prefers an Android Smartphone to an Apple iPhone, provided that the first has some Microsoft applications pre-installed.

Geek Wire reports that Bill Gates was interviewed on Wednesday night by journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin on the "click here" app only. Mr. Gates spoke about different subjects, including the bitcoin blockchain, the pandemic of coronavirus, and why Android prefers Apple smartphones. Ironically, Clubhouse is currently only available on Apple iOS and supports Android.

Mr. Gates said he used iPhones, but his computer is Android nowadays.

"I'm using an Android phone, in fact," said Bill Gates. "I always play with the iPhones because I want to keep track of everything, but the one I carry is Android."

The co-founder of Microsoft said when asked further by Mr.a Sorkin, that certain Android devices have been preloaded with Microsoft applications.

"Android producers have somehow preinstalled Microsoft apps to make it easy for me," said Mr Gates. "The way the device is connected with your operating system is more versatile. So I finally got used to that. You know, several of my iPhone mates, but there's no pureness."

The full interview is on Youtube Click Here and watch the full Chat.

2019, Bill Gates said that Microsoft loses Android as its standard platform for non-Apple devices, reports The Verge, was his "greatest mistake ever." "Any misadministration that I've made makes Microsoft not to be what Android is the greatest mistake ever. In other words, the default Android phone platform is not Apple. For Microsoft, this was a matter of course, "He said it. He said it.

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