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Vaccination against Covid: individuals over 60 are likely to be allowed to self-register

As of March 1, individuals older than 60 and those with comorbidities will be able to self-register and choose where they can be vaccinated for Covid-19, an official familiar with the matter said as the government is working to accelerate the second phase of the vaccination method.

The updated mobile application developed for the vaccination unit will also allow traveling users to select another center if necessary for the second dose.

HT announced on Monday that in the next four to six weeks, the government is preparing to raise the rate of coronavirus vaccinations to 5 million a day. This could involve doubling to 200 the number of daily vaccines at a specific venue. The step is intended to speed up the process as it starts to reach the next and largest generation of recipients, members of the general population who are at higher risk because of their age and chronic diseases.

Armed forces and police officers will also be included in the second phase of the vaccine. Earlier, the government had agreed that people over 50 would be permitted to register. However, it has since agreed to give priority to those over 60 because they are at higher risk.

"The government wants to prioritize those at risk, so registration will first be allowed for those over 60," an official said. "A pool of about 20 crores [200 million] people exists."

Aadhaar would not be compulsory for registration, the official added. "People can register using any ID. They just have to ensure that when they go for vaccination, they bring the same facts.

Across government channels such as Co-WIN and DigiLocker, vaccination certificates will be made available. According to an internal note circulated on Co-WIN, the probability of registering with the contact tracing app Aarogya Setu is also likely because the platforms will be combined.

The official added that the application will soon begin to provide updates in real-time, including the number of people vaccinated every day. The government is also debating whether or not the application should show private hospitals providing the vaccine... that way the patient can have more choices," said the official." "Users will be able to select the vaccination slot they want as well."

The official added up to five members from one family who can register and get vaccinated together on one account.

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