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This electric vehicle startup is developing the world's first solar-powered electric SUV.

Humble Motors, a California-based electric vehicle startup, has unveiled the Humble One, the first solar-powered SUV.

Most carmakers are now moving to EVs and strategizing their future goals based on them, indicating that the global boom in electric vehicles is now a reality. However, some issues remain, such as having sufficient charging infrastructure or ending dependence on fossil fuels to generate power and minimise carbon emissions. One automaker has set out on a quest to do exactly that by charging its electric vehicles with solar power.

Meet Humble Motors, a California-based electric vehicle company that recently unveiled the Humble One, the world's first solar-powered SUV. Humble Motors, which was established in 2020 by industry veterans including an award-winning Formula 1 race car designer, has replaced the top sunroof with a panel that contains photovoltaic cells. These cells will help the vehicle store solar energy, which it will be able to use to recharge itself while on the road.

For the SUV, Humble Motors is incorporating a solar roof, electricity-generating sidelines, peer-to-peer charging, regenerative braking, and fold-out solar array 'wings.' With all of this technology, the SUV can recharge the battery when stationary, producing enough electrical power to increase the daily driving range by 15-95 km. The statistics may differ based on the amount of sunlight received each year in different locations.

The technical specifications of the Humble One concept SUV are appealing enough to pique the interest of a large number of people. On a single charge, the four-door, five-seat SUV is claimed to have a range of more than 800 kilometres. The figure outperforms even some of the most common electric vehicles on the market today. Humble Motors also reported that the SUV can produce up to 1020 horsepower and has a drag coefficient of 0.25.

The Humble One idea SUV is marginally longer than a Toyota Corolla at 5,029 mm. It's shorter and lighter than the Tesla Cybertuck, weighing in at 1814 kilogrammes, or around 680 kilogrammes less than the American automaker's flagship electric pickup.

"We believe solar is the future of mobility," Humble founder Dima Steesy said, "and that solar-powered electric vehicles are the simple next step toward achieving carbon neutrality in the transportation ecosystem." Although the Humble One solar-powered SUV is still an idea, it offers some intriguing possibilities for an industry that is rapidly moving toward electrification. Solar-powered cars will not only minimise reliance on fossil-fuel-generated energy to recharge electric vehicles, but they will also help automakers and governments save money by reducing the expense of setting up charging networks separately.


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