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There's a 'Hidden Message' from NASA's Mars's Rover Parachute!

Users of social media say that message in red and white parachute patterns is

  • Web sleuths claim that Nasa's Perseverance Rover had been safely landing on Mars last week with the covered message displayed on the parachute. The phrase "Dare mighty objects" – which Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory slogan employs – has been encoded in the parachute with a pattern that shows letters as binary computer code.

  • Reddit users and Twitter social media posters noticed that the blue and white parachute pattern seemed deliberate, reaching the result by using the Red for Figure One and the White for Null. One of the words is represented by each concentrated ring in the parachute pattern. The nulls and nulls must be divided into 10 character chunks, so adding 64 gives you the ASCII code that is a letter. For example, the binary is 0000000100, with 7 white stripes and one red, and then two more white. The ASCII code for letter D adds 64 to this. 68.

  • The model on the exterior edge of the parachute, which was mostly worked on in Perseverance, is also thought to represent 34°11'58" N 118°10'31" W, the geolocation code for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • The origin of the sentence is Theodore Roosenev's address of 1899, where he said: "It is much better to bear great victories, to gain glorious victories, even if tested in the absence of success, rather than to rank with the poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, for they live in a gray twilight that does not know victory or failure."

  • Nasa himself laid the challenge. The patterns have a scientific purpose - they allow mission control to see the viewing angle of the parachute and whether it twists - and one commentator from Nasa says: "We sometimes leave messages in our work to be found by others. during a live stream discussing the landing. So we invite everyone to shoot and demonstrate your work."

  • In conjunction with his Mars missions, Nasa had used the sentence previously. In 2013, a trailer video was released on the "Dare powerful things" mission by the Curiosity rover. In tweets marking the successful landing, the current mission also used the phrase.

  • In Devon, a high-tech fabric was developed that emphasizes the international nature of the effort to bring perseverance to the red planet. The company's director of the fabric department, Peter Hill, said that "it was very, very proud of the accomplishments," and stated that this was 15 years' work.

  • "There is an incredibly exciting moment when you know that millions of people around the globe are breathing their breath, waiting for news of a successful touchdown, and that is partly because of our fantastic team here in Tiverton," said technical director Richard Crane to the BBC.

  • This is not the only secret Perseverance Rover post. Among Nasa's "Easter eggs," special microwave cards with 10,9 million names are on the vehicle and 155 essays have been sent to the Space Agency to send Mars or the name of the rover.

  • The vehicle has also a reference to the pandemic in Covid that influenced the preparations and execution of the Earth mission. An aluminum plate on a rover displays a picture of the Rod of Asclepius in honor of the efforts of frontline medical staff during the pandemic, an ancient Greek symbol for healing and medicine, sponsored by Earth.


Source The Guardian

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