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Samsung developed a new messaging application that will run on Windows 10

It's about to get a lot simpler to use your Windows 10 PC to text friends and family if you have the correct model. Samsung has launched a new app called Samsung Messaging, which is now available in the Microsoft Store, for Windows 10.

Samsung Messaging, first discovered by Aggiornamenti Lumia, allows users to send and also get text messages' via SMS. The latest application is for 5G and 4G LTE supportive PCs, according to the Microsoft Official Site.

Samsung Messaging can send SMS text messages and receive them. SMS text messages to your contact phone number can be sent through the use of the Microsoft people application. It is designed for devices that use mobile data (5G and 4G LTE).

Here are the Samsung Messaging support devices:

  • Galaxy Tab Pro S

  • Galaxy Book 10.6 LTE

  • Galaxy Book 12 LTE

  • Galaxy Book 2

Also in the app page is the NT930QCA, which may be the Galaxy Flex 2 5G from Windows Central.

The list of devices is among the best laptops of Samsung, and so it is no surprise that the company supports a new Windows 10 Messaging App. The app helps users to connect easily with friends and families without accessing their smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners may also use the Your Phone app to connect your mobile to your PC. This makes quick access to pictures of your phone and helps you to drag and drop files from your phone to your PC on Samsung phones (and vice versa). You can also use your phone to access your favorite mobile applications on your computer.

It's a direct experience so that the Samsung Messaging app doesn't have to pair with your phone anymore. Samsung has said nothing about the app, and the release isn't many details. However, you can download it from the Microsoft Store now, so that you can send messages to friends and relatives.

source- XDA

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