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Release date for iPhone 13: When do we expect to see new phones?

You might think it's just the iPhone 12 released, but Apple looks at the iPhone 13 already. Here's what we know about a possible date of release.

image source- Forbes.

While just a few months have passed since the iPhone 12 was sold, Apple is already concentrating on its new mobile flagship, the iPhone 13. (or whatever it ends up being called). Four models of the new phone are expected for us: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, says analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. However, when will we expect the latest phones from Apple?

Any iPhone 13 event date has not yet been indicated by Apple. On the basis of the history of Apple, however, we can usually foresee when the iPhone events of the business occur and make an informed assessment on the release date. Although the pandemic changes the normal direction for 2020 by eight years to celebrate the first September, Apple will be taking place in eight years without an iPhone because of development delays.

If this is real, at some point in September we should expect to take a first look at iPhone 13.

The Apple events are normally held on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and iPhone release dates are typically set approximately a week and two and a half after Apple announces the new devices. Normally, a Friday, the third week of September, would bring out new iPhones.

Some years ago, CNET dived deep into the calendar of Apple events and came up with an insistent theory that you can read about here. The Labor Day rule will set September Apple Event (and the iPhone 13 unveiling) on Sept. 8, and the release date on Sept. 17, based on the 2021 calendar.

Unless Apple declares an event and reveals the phones, we won't know if that is real. But we'd bet on the September timeline, at least for now, if you'd like to schedule and save up on an iPhone 13.

More news and info about Apple's upcoming launch are coming on our Channel. Stay tuned.

source- Cnet

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