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No MacBook Pro M1X at WWDC 21, so when will Apple launch it now

The rumored MacBook Pro M1X was not released by Apple. So, when Apple is going to boot this laptop is the question. We're merely here to reply.

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  • WWDC 2021 was not reached by MacBook PRO M1X.

  • In September, it may arrive.

  • MacBook Pro is ready for refreshment.


Before the WWDC 2021, the advent of the MacBook Pro M1X was strongly declared. But Apple had no hardware announcements this year, which raised the unresolved question again as to whether Apple would produce the MacBook Pro M1X.

In November last year, Apple unveiled the 13-inch MacBook Pro M1 together with the MacBook Air M1. Since the beginning of the year Apple Silicon Leaks about the coming of a newly upgraded MacBook Pro. A few leading technology analysts also said MacBook Pro is going to arrive at the WWDC 2021.

Through considerable study, we have identified several explanations for not appearing on the new MacBook Pro. We will also discuss the timely release date and details of this laptop. So, let's hop straight into the topic without any further ado.

MacBook Pro M1X leaks and why WWDC 2021 did not appear

—Though Apple has utilized this occasion to unveil hardware goods in the past, the WWDC is a conference focusing on the developer. So it was not outside of the realm of possibility to introduce MacBook Pros.

—The WWDC 2021 was set to be followed by —MacBook Pro M1X. Reliable sources, such as Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman, have suggested the June 7 launch. Jon Prosser, whose tweet says MacBook Pro is on the way, confirmed this further.

— Jon Prosser released a recap of WWDC 2021, just before the program. MacBook Pros was not on this list, which was rather shocking. Another leaker followed up, stating the new MacBook Pro may not be advertised by Apple.

—A lot is being predicted that the MacBook Pro M1X hasn't been shown by Apple. As Apple recently revealed a large number of powered items from M1, Apple intended to safeguard the product for the future.

—There may also be delays caused by the pandemic of Coronavirus that had an enormous impact on the world's chipset facilities. The current problem is causing a significant chip scarcity worldwide. So it is logical to presume that this chip constraint has also affected Apple.

—Leaks suggest that MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16 with M2X chipsets are planned by Apple. MacBook Pro M1X has also recently been released online. The rendering indicates that smaller lenses are on the next MacPro. The square edge of the iPhone 12 and the updated iPad Pro is a similar thing.

—Another claim states that Apple plans to remove the MacBook Pro touch bar. The touch bar is replaced by physical keys according to Ming-Chi Kuo. Fresh versions of the MacBook Pro 16 have corroborated the rumor. Besides that, Magsafe charging can also be supported on the laptop.

—We also learned that MacBook Pro M1X has numerous port possibilities, including MicroSD, HDMI, and several thunderbolts. A 1080p web camera is also available on the laptop. The device will also have a micro-LED display. Not to be missed.

— We know from an earlier leak that the 16-inch MacBook Pro is called the J316 codename. In addition, the source outlines Apple preparing for the MacBook Pros with two alternative CPUs. These chipsets, which comprise 8 High-Performance Cores and two power-efficient cores, have codenamed Jade C-chop and Jade C-Die. In addition, 16 or 32 core variations in the graphics are available for these chipsets. The existing M1 chipset includes four high-performance cores, four power-efficient nuclei, and 8 graphics nuclei.

—Besides, up to 64GB of RAM can be used in these next chipsets, while a maximum of 16GB can also be provided for M1 Macs. They will also have an upgraded neural motor that can handle difficult machine-learning tasks.

—Apple is reported to draw from the existing 16-inch MacBook Pro model an upgraded heat dissipation technology to cool these powerful chipsets. The 16-inch thermal system MacBook Pro was upgraded by Apple, heat pipe volumes increased, thermal pads were added, and heat sink dimensions increased by 35%.

MacBook Pro M1X launch date (expected)

Now the WWDC 2021 hasn't shown the MacBook Pro M1X. Tipsters anticipate that towards the end of this year the laptop will appear. At the same time, the iPhone 13 variants will be launched. The two MacBook Pro models have also been manufactured from May/June until the second half of 2021, one tipster revealed. Therefore, it appears likely to be a lunch in September.


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Source- India Today


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