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Major Android 12 leaks we know so far

After Android 11 this year Android 12 will release in the second quarter of the year. very interesting leaks are coming from promising sources. here are some leaks and tips we know so far.

We can see the beta version of android 12 very soon in the market in few weeks. Famous Twitter handle 9to5 posted about some play store update of the feedback app of android 12. Some UI screenshots are leaked, where we can see that no changes in the notification panel, but pronounced round corner design can be seen. There will be some new privacy features and a newly redesigned widget is leaked to be there. Google is not confirmed any of this leak and didn’t make any official announcement.

Release of android 12

The release of android 12 is expected in the second quarter of 2021 but the beta version will sure release before that, precisely much before that.

Some Features that are coming with android 12

ios and android os update is the most awaited launch in the industry. Sometimes Apple brings a feature first, then android brings, and vice versa.

In android 12 we will see some of the following features-

1. APP PAIRS- new split-screen feature,

2. Upgraded Notification Panel

3. More privacy-focused os

4. Enhanced Haptic feedback for Gaming mode

5. RESTRICTED NETWORK MODE - New Secured Wifi connection features

And many more leaks are coming but these tips are somewhat confirmed.

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source- 9to5 Twitter account.

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