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Japanese Billionaire is looking for 8 crew members on SpaceX's Starship moon-bound mission

Now, dearMoon is in search of passengers.

Yusaku Maezawa, the Japanese billionaire, looks for a Moon mission to 8 crew members.

Tuesday, March 2nd, Maezawa, a controversial enterprise which previously held a girlfriend contest on a space mission, announced that his beloved moon, which aims to fly the "first civilian mission to the moon," is now seeking eight crew members, based on the project's site, to fly around and around the moon.

In 2018 the project was originally announced with the intention of bringing an artists' crew into the moon. This latest release invites applicants to form a crew of eight people from all over the world for the lunar trip, which takes place over the course of a week.

See the dearMoon website for more information regarding the project and the applicant's requirements.

SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk expressed his support for the mission in the video announcing this call to civil astronauts that feature heavy rock music and films about SpaceX's Starship lifting off, stating, "I think we're going to make a true difference."

"On this mission, I'm inviting you to join me. You eight from everywhere in the world, "In the video, Maezawa told. "Two years from now, in 2023, the mission takes place. I want to join people from every background."

Maezawa did not specify the qualifications to be selected for those interested in being one of the eight crew members. You can pre-register for the contest by 9:59 EST until 14 March (0259 March 15 GMT). The site then states that "each pre-registered person will be sent an e-mail concerning the selection process."

Initial screening (by 21 March) will follow pre-registration, a web-based interview, and a final interview and medical examinations, to be held by the webpage by the end of May.

This appeal to crew members also receives attention and applicants for other civil space missions. For instance, people around the world have applied for Inspiration, a contest to fly a civil mission in space while raising funds for SJH.


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