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In Bihar, the JD(U) and RJD have closed their offices due to the increase in Corona.

Major political parties in Bihar, including the ruling JD(U) and the key opposition RJD, have closed their offices due to the dramatic rise in coronavirus cases in Bihar and other parts of the region.

Because of the sudden rise in COVID-19 incidents, the JD(U) closed its state headquarters here from Thursday to April 20, while the RJD locked its office from April 15 to further orders.

Both parties have posted notices to this effect on their state headquarters' main gates on Bir Chand Patel Marg in the city's heart.

Other major political parties, such as the BJP, Congress, and CPI(ML), have stringent orders to follow the COVID-19 procedure in their offices.

"We will make a decision on the closing office after contacting party leaders on Friday," said Bihar Congress President Madan Jha, who is recovering at home after testing positive.

The number of coronavirus cases in Bihar is increasing daily, with the majority of them occurring in Patna. On Wednesday, the state confirmed 4786 new cases, bringing the total number of coronavirus cases to 2,95,171.

"Taking into account the Bihar government's sincerity.


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