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Hubble Telescope and its new Celestial wonders capture!

NASA recently unveiled 30 new images captured by the legendary scientific tool 'The Hubble Telescope.' These images were used for many scientific tests and research purposes by engineers and researchers and were not processed to be made public, until recently.

These images are a fresh addition to the Caldwell Catalog of NASA.

Let's take a look at these celestial wonders.

Planetary nebula NGC 40

Scenic stars of the Double Cluster

Dwarf galaxy dazzler

Active galaxy NGC 185

Scenic spiral galaxy NGC 5005

Caldwell 36

The NGC 3626

NGC 5248

IC 1613

Caldwell 52

Lenticular galaxy NGC 3115

Planetary Nebula NGC 246

Caroline's Cluster

Caldwell 66

Reflection nebula NGC 6729

NGC 2477

Caldwell 72

NGC 1851

NGC 6231

Globular star cluster Caldwell 78

Caldwell 81

Caldwell 82

Barred spiral galaxy

Caldwell 84

Caldwell 87

Caldwell 89(NGC 6087)

Southern Beehive

Coalsack Nebula

Caldwell 107

Caldwell 108


Image Sources Caldwell Catalog, NASA


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