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Floridians ages 16, 17 eligible to get Pfizer vaccine beginning Monday.

Starting Monday, Floridians ages 16 and 17 will be eligible to get the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, which is the only vaccine authorized for those under 18.

“I think this allows more people to understand that look, if you are over the age of 16, 16 or up, you can go get the vaccine, so that in itself will hopefully help us increase vaccination rates and get us closer to the end goal,” said Dr. Sunil Joshi, president of the Duval County Medical Society Foundation.”

“It looks like we’re going to have about 42,000 available first doses. That’s a lot of availability for those who want to get their vaccine. 9 in addition to that you still have your retail pharmacies, your Publix, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Winn-Dixie,” said Hillsborough health department spokesman Kevin Watler.

Watler said people can expect to see longer lines as the new age group arrives for vaccinations.

“We have a lot of availability at the Tampa Greyhound Track they have 3,000 first doses each day. The Raymond James Stadium has 1600 first doses each day and the Children’s Board that has about 250 doses per day,” he said.

The Pfizer vaccine is currently the only one approved for teenagers.

“It’s really super important right now especially for this, the largest cohort of people that have been tested positive to get vaccinated so we can drop transmission. We’re not only protecting ourselves, in this younger rage cohort, but we’re protecting those elderly people who haven’t been able to get vaccinated,” said Dr. Michael Teng with USF Health.

You do not need to get the COVID-19 vaccine in the county where you live, but you must show proof of Florida residency such as a driver’s license. Teens who are 16 and-17 will also need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian on vaccination day, along with documentation such as a the child’s birth certificate and the state’s COVID-19 vaccine screening and consent form. The form can be downloaded from the Florida Department of Health’s website. (Some locations might have different requirements for teens.)

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