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Azure, team and office 365 were all down due to an April Fool's Day cloud outrage.

Today, Microsoft Corp. was struck by a huge cloud outage that knocked out the majority of its internet services.

Due to the outage, Microsoft's Azure cloud services, Teams, Office 365, OneDrive, Skype, Xbox Live, and Bing were all unavailable. Even the Azure Status page is said to have been taken down.

Photo credit: silicon ANGLE

Users on Twitter were the first to announce the disruption, which was reported by the website DownDetector, which revealed that reports started pouring in about 5 p.m. ET. Thousands of notifications were sent from Xbox Live, Teams, and Office users, according to the company.

The following message was posted on Twitter by Microsoft's Azure Support account, redirecting users to an alternate Azure status page:

A Domain Name System error was claimed to be the cause of the outage. Shortly after the first rumors of the outage emerged, the Microsoft 365 Twitter status account reported that there is a “DNS problem affecting several Microsoft 365 and Azure services.” At 5.56 p.m. ET, the account tweeted that the company was looking into a "potential DNS problem. Microsoft's 365 Status account tweeted again at 6 p.m. ET, saying the company is "evaluating our mitigation options."

Microsoft appeared to be regaining control of the situation by 6.30 p.m. The Azure status page was up and running again, indicating that the outage was a global issue with "network infrastructure" down in every country. A subset of users can encounter "intermittent problems" with the company's services, according to a status message.

Microsoft appeared to be recovering from the outage at the time of publishing. At 6.35 p.m. ET, Microsoft 365's Twitter status account changed, saying that traffic was being rerouted to resilient DNS capabilities and that service availability was also improving.

Although it appears that Microsoft has quickly resolved the issue, the outage is still a major embarrassment for the company, coming just two weeks after a similar incident. On March 15, Microsoft Azure suffered an outage, which knocked Office 365, Teams, and Xbox Live offline for around four hours.

The problem was triggered by "a recent upgrade to an authentication method," according to Microsoft.


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Source: silicon ANGLE


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