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ALL ABOUT 20/04 APPLE EVENT: Apple started this year with a blast

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

The show star was an iPad with the latest M1 chipset.

The event for spring 2021 in Apple has now ended and we have seen a new iPad Pro (iMac), an enhanced Apple TV 4K, a purple iPhone, podcasts and Apple cards, new AirTags and Ted Lasso Season 2 sneak peek.

(The new iPad Pro M1)

  • Here is all about the iPad Pro 2021 M1-powered

  • The M1 chipset and seven new colors come with the iMac 2021.

  • The Apple TV 4K 2021 has a new power supply and remote controls

  • Really, the iPhone 12 is now lilac

  • See here the trailer for the Ted Lasso season 2

  • The Family Apple Card offers broader spending choices

  • Subscriptions from Apple Podcast help your favorite artists

  • And who can believe it? - Apple AirTags are real!

The new iPad Pro, the engine that has already driven the new and amazing Macbook sets, is the real point of conversation. The new M1 chipset. It means an enormous amount of strength, an internal architecture that rivals the Macbook range.

Only the 12,9-inch model is, we think, available on the mini LED screen with 10,000 LEDs compared with the 72 on the previous iPad. But the extra brightness and color representation would appeal to any – one of the numbers TechRadar has already tried to purchase one of $1,099.

The front-facing camera also has a wide-angle lens, capable of following up your movement around the field. This is possibly why Center Stage is named and works for many people.

At last, the new AirTags are here and for months or years they have been much praised - and Apple looks like it is right.

At 29 dollars/29 dollars/45 dollars for one or 99 dollars/149 dollars/4 dollars, free gravures are also available; if you forget, you're very happy to see these tags on millions of iPad owners around the world. The battery is also replaceable because after one year it should end and Apple has also baked in a few good configurations of privacy.

The new iMac, also powered by the new M1 chip, comes with tweaks instead of gigantic changes: new colors are exciting, retro iMac is back in time, and speakers are also updated. The M1 chipset can also enhance the power of the Full HD internet camera as Apple realizes that more Zoom calls are essential.

We have an update to Apple TV 4K, which unfortunately doesn't come with a HomePod speaker and can now process images from recent iPhones using the A12 chipset – so that high-scale HDRs can be used.

It won't change movies too much, but it will help you make sports look better and now you can stream your 60 frames of Dolby Vision films that you shot directly with AirPlay on your iPhone.

The remote Siri also looks better now for miles - thicker, on the side of the Siri button and from old iPods back to the scroll wheel. It looks like that more.

There was some stuff missing - nothing on the new AirPods 3, an iPad Mini 6 did not show up and the strength of these two channels wasn't pushed together by Apple Music and Podcasts.

There was still a lot to take into consideration, however, and all that was started at the spring Apple Event had to be written at a breakneck pace.

Live blog Apple event: the full launch

All times are normal in the Pacific (PST)

10:59 - Are we wrapping up – heading back to Tim now? The fact that we have the AirTags I still cannot get over.

And we are done. And we are done. It's time for a cool cup of tea.

10:55 - Oh, the 11-inch model is no — and beginning at $799 and the edition of 12.9 inches cost $1.099 — both on April 30 and ending in May.

10:54 - Recovery of the Apple Pencil? Is it? Is this? Oh, no, no. No. I believe it's been a light trick. The Magic Keyboard is still sponsored - but it comes in a new white color.

10:54 – I want to see more useful applications which bring LiDAR into a new spot. The power is there, but it is not yet used. Every developer is talking about how much this will be – and the way the M1 chipset has changed the Macbook line could be huge.

10:53- Apple Pencil 3 is a promo ad, I'm sure I just saw it. Then my left eye hurts a great deal so that I might be hallucinating.

10:50 - Ooh, the battery life just described – I would have hoped it would be more. But those LEDs have more strength to take. It's pretty impressive to take the XDR screen on board - but I would like an OLED screen here.

The HDR 10, Dolby Vision, and Atmos support are supported. Here's just talking about the 12.9-inch edition, is that 11-inch option not available?

10:49 – As rumored, Apple 'created' a mini-LED that is over 100 times smaller than previous models and over 10,000 mini-Leader LEDs – compare the LEDs of the previous iPad, which is around 72,000.

10:47 – Now we can listen to the Retina Display. The Pro Display XDR, which is a separate monitor - but is brought into the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Apple wishes to better support HDR.

Liquid Retina XDR monitor with 1000 nits luminosity and 1600 nits with maximum luminosity. It took a new approach... so what? What?

10:46 - What's new here I have no idea - Apple talks of the specimens as if they are new. Ah, here is something - a new, ultra-wide camera, a 12MP sensor with 122-degree view field is now available for the True Depth camera device front.

It brings 'Center Stage' to keep you in the center of view so that when others come to view, you can shoot and zoom out. The Echo Show 10 without a shrill robotic arm is like that.

10:44 - New cameras and the same quad-metal configuration from the previous on the rear of the new iPad are available. Wait, are they new, or are they the same LiDAR scanner and AR kit we are talking about?

Thanks to the latest M1 chipset there is also smart HDR 3 support.

10:43 – It supports mmWave 5G, and at top speeds will exceed 4Gbps if it comes at the right location.

One guy had a video call with nobody around on a journey. That won't happen, yes. Yeah.

10:42 - At the bottom of the USB-C socket Thunderbolt will now be supported as well as the USB 4. That's four times the bandwidth, according to Apple, and I can transfer video complete files on.

Wireless connectivity is spoken about, which implies.... 5G.

10:41 – This really pushes Apple's advantage on the tablet room – on the market, there'll be little to do on the road.

10:39 – It's very great news – and iPadOS will already use it since it's based on similar architectures. This means that the last-gen iPad will save 50 percent – and we are betting that battery life will also be very healthy.

There is 40% better graphics than the first iPad Pro model of all those years ago, and it is 1500 times faster. Apple is driving 3D modeling and gaming and supporting Xbox Series X and PS5 gaming controllers.

10:38 – We are watching someone's promo video breaking through the Apple Campus – installing the latest chip M1 in an iPad?

The iPad Pro receives the M1 chip, which draws an "ooosh" from our computer editor.

10:36 – In the second half of May you are going to be able to buy this and it will begin in the seven color option at $1,499.

10:34 - Do you still have the magic mouse to charge from underneath? Apple has never done the most incredibly awful thing. Especially when a clever ethernet solution is available.

All right, it was the latest iMac's seven shades. At pace, I can't count.

10:33 – The first time with the keyboard, TouchID was carried to the iMac. Even if it is wireless, Apple says with a secure enclave it's still safe. And that can also be used to alter the profile.

The Magic Mouse, as does the Trackpad, also comes with a new color matching series.

10:31- A new link, including two Thunderbolt USB ports, a magnetic power cable, and a little power adapter, is also available as the ultimate "Big Sur experience." Ethernet connects and passes through the power adapter – cool, I like fewer wires.

10:29 – We're hearing a lot about the power of the new iMac M1 chip - multiple video streams that edit and play Zoom games and you're able to hand out email messages and text on and out of a phone by the same chip design.

10:27 - High-performance tweeter - six stereo speakers 'coupled' with advanced algorithms to permit audio in a space to hear in Dolby Atmos - have been upgraded, with two pairs of woofers and more power.

This is "the finest audio system in a Mac."

10:26 – That's why Apple boosted stuff as we're all working from home. A Full HD camera that improves light efficiency. The new neural engine of Apple's M1 will also balance the sensor illumination, so Apple goes straight after the camera. "We've ever put the best camera on a Mac."

There is a three-way microphone that makes beams to help ignore or even to capture background noise. Intelligent latency control ensures that in a video call you are less likely to speak about others.

10:25 – Now I talk about the show - Truetone is on board to improve the white balance and a coating that makes it easier to see.

The camera, microphone, and speaker were also revised.

10:23 – I will speak of color with happiness. I am afraid of internal elements. We're going to go here...

Once Apple shrinks the device and does not create more than 10dB of noise, the thermal system is replaced by two small fans and it is 11,5mms thin to allow it to fall into more areas.

10:22 - Super-small, on one side hinge. There will be six colors 'for your look' - there's a single sheet of glass covering the surface, the light grey borders, and the rear really 'celebrates color' with tonnes of colors. The one I skipped is green, orange, purple, red and blue. Sow. Sow.

10:21 – Okay, quick breath as we listen to all the latest apps using the new chip. This is likely significant for those who currently use M1 Macbooks.

We're going to learn today about a new Mac constructed around M1. Apparently from the bottom up.

It's an iMac that's fresh. With several colors like Zoolander's old iMac, but in aluminum instead of plastic.

10:20 – The M1 chip goes so far, Tim says, and power is now selling much of the Mac range.

We went underground inexplicably to listen more.

10:19 - We've covered too much in just 20 minutes. And my tea I can't drink. We are on the latest Macs now, oh man. Come on Tim, show me a promotional video for a second so I can relax.

10:16 - Now you can use your iPhone's light sensor to calibrate your TV accurately to make up for any minor changes in color and brightness. On the screen, you just switch the iPhone to a point and leave.

Obviously, according to Apple, the change seems fantastic-but I love to speak of one gadget with another.

There is a new thicker Siri Remote with an outside ring and five-way control - it's more like an older iPod in school and a power button is included to switch your TV off.

We're done, Aaaaand. The total room for 32GB will be $179, or 64GB will amount to $199. The delivery can be pre-ordered in May on April 30.

10:14 - Right, here we're going with hardware from Apple TV - it's 4K from Apple TV. It's fine, but I'm upset that you can't use it when your watch isn't charged. Talk Apple Fitness Plus.

The new AppleTV 4K will be fitted with the A12 Bionic chip, which will allow it to play HDR in faster framerate, meaning that sports, high-resolution / high-frame images (including your iPhone) look good – even over AirPlay.

10:12 – Apple TV Plus next up. Next up. Now we are watching Ted Lasso's second season - one of the main service series. It's one of Tim Cook's favorites.

It looks like in season 2 stuff isn't good for Ted. Would we see a fall from grace that's bigger still?

Some new bag clips will also allow you to accessorize, costing $29 each or $99 for four.


10:09 - This is the rival in Tile, and you can add tonnes of them to let you see what they're like. You can drive around to exactly where the gadget is by using the camera, gyroscope, and accelerometer in the 'Precision Finding' chip (in the new iPhone) to help you locate your missed product exactly.

10:08 – This doesn't happen I can't believe. Apple, the "one more thing" we all waited for should be this. Apple. We are now in a mystical term of the 'back of a sofa' - this is a great revelation. Yeah, the AirTag is here.

"I hate leaving my keys in my couch in a subterranean cave to paraphrase our U.S. computer editor."

10:07 – We speak now of 'Find My' - we are now zooming into the campus health zone. Apple is starting a new...NO IT CANNOT BE accessory.

10:06 – I can confirm that this is purple, launched from Willy Wonka to 'Candyman' and from a Chocolate plant. This week you can pre-order and purchase it from 30 April.

10:05 – The iPhone range is new in color, looks like it's going to be violet.

10:03 — Apple 'creates' that the credit card launch was most popular ever. It will also allow spouses to enhance credit history, and families over 13 can use it as well - with Apple Card Family.

Directly on Podcasts - a new Podcasts app and platforms help you find your favorite shows. And subscriptions will also be launched in 170 countries next month so that your top podcasts can be supported.

10:01 – Tim Cook is here, talking about how Apple needs some "exciting announcements" to make a difference in our lives.

First, how carbon neutral is the brand. Tim promises to extract more than 1 million tonnes of carbon annually by 2030 from the production of goods, which will be carbon-neutral by 2030.

Tim goes down a road I walked down, past the little tables.

APPLE CAR? No, Apple card. Less of a fantastic 'first up.' Gareth, relax. Calm down.

- This is APPLE TIME, here we go. As normal, we are accelerating around the Apple Campus.

09:57 - I was irritated by AirTag thought. Are they going to show up? They're not going to be? If Apple pans past AirPower and doesn't announce any charging mat with AirTags, It'd be to all you fans an incredible middle-finger egg.

09:55 – Now go down to 5 minutes. If you haven't already, you should have fired up your stream.

On the iPad mini 6, I would be shocked if it would appear even if it's rumored strongly. As the iPad Pro does, Apple does not really seem to enjoy this little gadget because it is usually purchased by those who just love a little tablet and care less about the specifics.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but this is probably the miss, I think. Ok, with the exception of AirTags.

09:50 – Now we are just ten minutes from here. I bet Tim Cook is screaming in a mirror now, tossing oranges on a wall of his own psyche.

09:40 - Right, so we've been talking about the Apple Pencil 3, but how about the latest iPad Pro 2021? Word is, today we get a new one, which means that we need some design tweaks.

Some changes have been rumored to come, so let us rank them out of ten:

A latest excellent finish - 10/10. It seems certain this one. Back to the first pencil's brilliance.

A Flat edge - 10/10 as well. It is not possible for Apple to allow this magnetic clip on the computer side.

Sensitivity increased - 8/10. While it is feasible for Apple to only go with a new finish and another end part, it would not be possible to provide the new device with a sketching purpose.

An additional tip - 6/10. It looks on the cards, but we don't know for what. This can help to make the gliding over the glass more sensitive or 'paper feel.'

A black finish - 4/10. Possibly the colors of Apple on this model would not change, but we heard crazier things.

Color Sensing Capabilities- 2/10. It was rumored, Naaah, but not for me this evening. It looks like the puzzle of 2023.

09:19 - Right, let's look at what we might see today, the latest iPad Pro starting from the obvious one. The iPad Pro is supposed to be available in 12.9 and 11-inch sizes, come in two sizes (as usual) with 5G connectivity and a new LED screen.

This last point will be the key point – Apple is looking to see how creators can draw up and design on the latest iPad Pro with new display technology and an upgraded chipset inside.

09:18 – Olives were the solution.

09:10 - Knocks of cracks I did one of them some time ago – well, not before the last iPhone launch – and Apple has since been pretty quiet. "The Peck" of James Peckham has done a decent job of keeping you informed about what we probably see, but does he ask the major questions?

They post in the case of our sister brand Marie Claire, for example: 'The favorite snack of princess Charlotte is fantastic for a five-year-old.'

But what can it be? But what?

09:00 - Hi everybody, it's back in the hotseat to Gareth Beavis. What did I miss? What did I miss?

08:20 - The other thing we might see is the Apple AirTags, which have long been rumoring. The spring event will be the perfect candidate since Jon Prosser had indicated that this event would end in March, and since then he has suggested that the event is definitely where we will see it.

(AirTags might work like Tile trackers)

These trackers are supposed to be Tile-like, so you could clip them to items such as a backpack, carry-on, or phone and track the device if it is misplaced or stolen. AirTags can exploit the features of Apple's Find My and may use the large network of popular iPhones to support tracking.

07:54 - Henry St Leger, the Home Cinema editor of TechRadar, says: "Four years have passed since Apple's last 4K TV (5th generation) and with speculation about a release date of 2021 on a next-generation model, it seems at least semi-likely to be seen or tingled at the event tonight.

"However, if you're showing a new Apple TV, you won't expect a retreat from previous events. The latest reports state that Apple plans an all-in-one strip box, speaker, and intelligent display – meaning that the moniker of "Apple TV" is completely removed and a new product range is being introduced for a tech giant.

"Another 4K HDR streamer could be a more conservative prediction in a vein of 2017 model, but with a more advanced A12X processor to handle Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade games more effectively. But, hopefully, we're going to get all above."

07:14 – Tim Cook is up, at work... or, instead of being bright and early, he's a social media boss. How do we know? How do we know? Because the first tweet Cook sent was that day.

06:30 - Apple AirPods 3... where are those real wireless headphones for which we have heard so much?

"We heard reports now for a while about Apple AirPods 3 and it all points out to its 2021 releases – and, with the event taking place late today, we're confident Apple can take the chance to present its truly wireless earbuds to the next generation. Olivia Tambini, Audio and Music Editor for TechRadar, said.

"Of course at this point nothing is certain, and we've also heard contradictory reports that AirPods 3 will not be in production until the third quarter of this year.

"Furthermore, we've also heard reports that in April the next AirPods Pro will start, so we can see that the AirPods Pro 2 will be revealed today. In any event, today's AirPods or AirPods Pro announcement certainly will keep our eyes peeled."

Everything about Apple AirPods 3 you need to know

05:30 – It is now, though today the iPad Mini 6 will come in later, that the rumored products begin to become less likely.

In the first half of the year, Ming-Chi Kuo (an analyst with great records for Apple Leaks) said it would expect the slate, and Jon Prosser said he heard "iPads" arriving in March (which would be almost right if it lands in April).

iPad Pro (2021)

There are several models on the plural, so it's not unclear whether the iPad Pro (2021) and iPad mini 6 both appear. That said, we've heard fewer reports about iPad mini 6 release dates, so we can conclude that it is less likely than iPad Pro (2021).

Whenever it happens, reports say that it will have a slightly larger 8.5" screen (from 7.9" on the iPad mini screen (2019)). You can also use an A13 Bionic chipset, such as the iPhone 11 series, instead of switching on USB C.

04:12 – The Apple Store's down, but for the next few hours before the launch event you'll never be able to purchase any new items from the company because the team is tinkering.

Apple often draws the shop ahead of a launch event so that new items can be incorporated without leaking into the world in advance. You'll probably have to wait until the event is over if you want to purchase a new iPhone 12 from Apple directly.

03:45 – It looks more likely that at the Apple case we're going to see the iMac (2021). It is anticipated that this long-rumored all-in-one PC will run on its own M1 Chip rather than based on Intel's hardware after Apple launched two new MacBooks and the Mac Mini late last year.

We'll see the iMac (2021) at the Apple event more and more likely. It is anticipated that this long-rumored all-in-one PC will run on its own M1 Chip rather than based on Intel's hardware after Apple launched two new MacBooks and the Mac Mini late last year.

An M1-powered iMac will see a good performance bump and align Apple's other latest computer products with its all-in-one PC.

Apple stopped a number of existing iMac versions earlier this year, a very reliable indication that it was about to launch a new version. Many people thought this was a perfect time to launch the new iMac when the April 20 event was revealed. It seems like this may be the case.

A weekend tweet written by Ian Zelbo (@RendersbyIan) notes that "Tuesday's Spring Loaded event Apple is expected to release a redesigned iMac" and is focused on leakage from Jon Prosser, the very famous Apple leaker who predicts many Apple releases in the past.

The Apple M1 chip is apparently supplied not only with the current iMac but also reports of a new design and of a variety of colors – the classic iMac G3, released in 1998. A new version is now available.

02:50 - So what gadgets are we going to have tonight announced? We will run during today with some of the ads we're expecting, and kick off the new iPad Pro 2021 with what we know.

The iPad Pro (2021) will eventually be Apple Spring's leading announcement. Several sources had said that there was a new model in March and that the timing would have made sense when the previous model landed last March. We're in April, of course, now, but that's close enough.

This would not necessarily mean that it will be revealed during the spring gathering, but it is unlikely that Apple will have two separate announcements so close together.

With regard to what the iPad Pro (2021) can offer, several leaks say that it has a Mini LED screen that offers an increased contrast ratio and color reproduction over an ordinary LCD panel.

We've also learned that it will come in both 11" and 12.9" sizes and that 5G will be supported, have a powerful new chipset, and its predecessor has a revised, but identical design.

01:45 - Apple AirTags today, would you expect? Alternatives to Tile have been speculated for years now, but Apple still has to publicly reveal them. Today is the big day some leakers claim.

01:30 - The first large 2021 annunciation of Apple is welcome. We expect a lot of gadgets to be unveiled later today, and every Apple fan can have something.

This is perhaps the most fascinating Apple show of the year as it reveals new technology from all over its business.

Today we'll take you through everything we expect to see when the event begins, but we will see the latest iPad Pro as well as maybe a new iMac as the key highlight, based on the leaks and rumors we have seen up to now.



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