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Apple rumors you need to know about New MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, 2021

Would you like to skip the M1-based MacBook for something next? If you are using a 14-inch MacBook Pro-gun or a new Apple Silicon Mac Pro laptop, there are rumors that exciting Macs are there. Here is what you can get.

Just as effective and productive as the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini are Apple M1-powered, some Mac fan decided to miss Apple Silicon's first port computers in the hope of improving anything they need.

If you are not living on the cutting-edge of computing life, it is a rational approach. Apple is virtually sure to upgrade its two most common laptops with even faster processors in the M series. In the coming months, these chips will probably be added to Apple's laptops. So what do you hope to improve new features and efficiency by waiting for? Rumors fly, and a raw picture of what the future could look like for silicone-powered Apple computers.

Tell us also when it's possible to announce new ones. There may be major delays, as many new technology products introduced in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bridging the new guesses and educated Mac-o-sphere guesses.

What is the next Mac Chip for Apple to call?

The Apple M1 is Apple's first new computer processor to be designed by Apple. This powerful yet mighty chip system (SoC) is in competition with Intel Core and AMD Ryzen laptop CPUs.

Laptop chips and desktops are being upgraded about once a year at breakneck speed with the new Intel silicon. If Apple is up to all this creativity, it could be a refining M1 rather than a big step ahead of the next Mac-centric processor. So that is because it is possibly the "M1X" moniker rather than the "M2" moniker. According to some leaked benchmarks from CPU Monkey and other rumors, the next chip appears to be a quicker variant of the same basic chip design.

In the following chip, there may be a few more CPU cores; 12 CPU cores and eight graphs are the leaked benchmarks. This is 8 of every core type in the current design. The M1 has four high-performance nuclei and four high-efficiency cores to ensure that the required level of power can be directed to computer tasks with various requirements.

Apart from being designs internally or even if they are made by Intel, Apple does not share much detail on the processors it used in its products. We, therefore, do not know the official peak clock speed of the M1, but both it and its successor have the same upper 3.2 GHz speed limit with the Monkey CPU benchmark performance.

Theoretically, however, the power consumption in the rumored M1X is higher than 45 watts at peak, as a result of the leakage in benchmarks.

What'll look like next Mac desktops?

Reliable reports indicate that Apple's desktop and laptop line-ups are expected to make major upgrades in 2021.

Desktops are perhaps the most important thing to do since its new design language debuted over a decade ago, the classic All-in-one iMac (AIO) has seen few cosmetic updates. Although Intel's X Core CPU's 27-cm iMac was updated last summer, it's 21.5-inch entry-level starts to look strong and is dated.

With the company's Pro Display XDR external monitor, Apple could replace both sizes of its iMac with an entirely new design inspired by Bloomberg. The new models probably divert the thick black borders and remove or decrease the metal strip underneath the panel. They are also possibly going to get rid of the curved back for a flat surface similar to Pro Display XDR, says Bloomberg.

Instead of the Intel models, the latest iMac will probably be running next-generation versions of Apple's own processors. It remains to be seen if this is the rumored M1X or a different chip.

Apple expects to launch new Mac Pro Desktop versions, according to Bloomberg in addition to an iMac upgrade. Unlike the iMacs constructed without an integrated screen, this typically sized tower is designed for professionals with severe computing requirements. Currently, it features sophisticated Intel Xeon processors and can be set to various GPUs. Bloomberg suggests that Apple continues to sell Intel Mac Pro models although it is also launching Apple Silicon that is about half the desktop size.

The iMac Pro is impossible, at least in the immediate future, to get Apple silicon. Apple announced that, once its current stock is complete, it expects to end this top-of-the-line AIO.

Are New MacBooks on the Horizon?

Last autumn, the MacBook Air and the 13" MacBook Pro with M1 chips made a major debut. However, they are almost unchanged from the predecessors, apart from modern silicon. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple plans to introduce a totally new Mac laptop with a 14-inch screen this year.

In a MacRumors research note, Kuo reports Apple will announce two new MacBook versions, with a redesigned 16" debut on the hand of the 14" laptop. Kuo says they have revived design elements like HDMI ports and SD card readers as well as next-generation Apple silicon which are likely to power them. (The existing versions of MacBook Air and Pro use video output only with USB Type-C/Thunderbolt ports.)

In 2016, Apple removed these features from its Pro Notebooks, partly driven by the lengthy process of using a notebook with an SD card that was identified by executive Phil Schiller. Schiller said of SD cards at the time: "You've got this thing sticking out halfway." Bloomberg also reports on the Touch Bar, the narrow touch-enabled screen above the keyboard that some users have been criticizing for long, that new Mac laptops have.

Rumors of Release Date: When New Macs will be presented?

Although exciting Macs are on the horizon, they probably won't hit the Apple Store soon. Although Apple will introduce new products at its launch on 20 April, it will probably concentrate on new mobile appliances and accessories.

Indeed, it might be until the second half of the year to see if there are indeed several of the aforementioned Macs. According to Nikkei Asia, by the end of 2011, two new laptops from MacBook were replaced for mass production in May and June. It is not clear which models are, but one of them is probably a 16-inch MacBook Pro with Apple silicon.

You could be left just a little longer when you want to skip M1 driven when you are waiting for whatever comes next. On the Apple front, it's not all silent, though, as this month's launch event will probably be full of notable designs. AirTags is supposedly a new iPad Pro, refreshed AirPods, and an Apple TV.


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