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Apple is likely to say goodbye to the iPhone Mini in 2022

Since launching and available, iPhone 12 Mini's sales were slow, compared with their larger siblings. Analysts now expect Apple in its upcoming iPhone line-up, for the same reason, to do away with the version.


  • Remarked Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at Apple, said that the iPhone 14 Mini would not be available.

  • Instead, the company will concentrate on its larger versions and sell four models.

  • The explanation for the stop is the low sales of the iPhone edition.


New details about the iPhone range that starts next year have been released by an annotated Apple analyst. Subsumably named the iPhone 14, its smallest and cheapest offer, iPhone 14 Mini, is now speculated on.

A famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is giving the new information. According to Kuo, Apple is launching this year's iPhone 13 Mini with 5.4-inch display size. That, however, is the last of its kind, as the technology Majeure will stop the variant during the launch of the next iPhone.

The decision to end the journey for iPhone Mini is the weak sales of the iPhone 12 mini on the international markets of Apple. If the iPhone 13 Mini doesn't work well either, speculation would suit much better.

The company will now concentrate on bringing different requirements for its standard and large iPhones rather than offering its customers the iPhone Mini alternative. A total of four iPhone 14 models will be available. It is expected that these will include two iPhone 14 models and two premium versions - iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

A long way to go

The transition was long overdue and was suggested over time by a number of observers. The iPhone 12 Mini saw just five percent of total sales of iPhones in the U.S. according to a counter-point market study.

The main factor was the attraction of consumers to devices with bigger screens. With mobile users indulging every day in ever more media and gaming content, a bigger display has an attractiveness that smaller telephones do not match.

JP Morgan analyst William Yang has also seen this pattern and in February, for the purpose of low sales, predicted that Apple could discontinue its iPhone Mini model.

The business will then concentrate on the larger versions that are more attractive on the market. For example, after its introduction and subsequent release last year, Apple is setting a new iPhone sales record for iPhone 12.


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Source- IndiaToday

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