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iPhone 13 colorized renders showing smaller notch and redesigned back cameras

A further leak from iPhone 13 reveals full-color mock-ups.

The iPhone 13 leak yesterday revealed what the smartphone would look like when we expected to launch later this year, but only the colorless CAD models were able to display that much. Now new versions display the full color, the shorter notes, and new rear cameras can be seen in the iPhone 13.

The original CAD data from @mysmartprice and 91Mobiles allows makers to simulate the way they look identical to their iPhone 12 counterparts, iSo, 9TechEleven tweeted versions of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. The resulting mock-ups offer a much clearer picture of what would be the 2021 iPhone range:

The possible variations between last year's iPhones and the current iPhone 13 line-up are also clearer with all the display and back specifics in color, as is the smaller notch we hear rumors about. The two lenses of the base iPhone 13 have been transformed into the camera block diagonal corners – which can either encourage the introduction of an even larger camera sensor (rumored to trickle down from the iPhones 12 Pro Max) or simply further distinguish the handset from its precious siblings, theorized PhoneArena.

These, of course, are focused on CAD models made of information that is leaking, so that the iPhone 13 could look very different. Although the following group of Apple phones will otherwise look like their iPhone 12 counterparts if these predictions are exact (squared-off sides and all).

So what's going to happen on the iPhone 13?

Other than that, we learned a lot about the iPhone 13, including several reports that say that the cameras will be gradually improved. Recent speculation has suggested that the same 5nm chipset would be used, even though the iPhone 14 series could be used in 2022 by a more efficient and possibly powerful 3nm chipset. The iPhone 13, on the other hand, can finally show a 120 Hz screen, bringing Android handsets with that feature for years.

We will certainly know when the iPhone 13 will be released later in 2021, speculation that will come in time in September. It is the normal Apple phone release window in just half the iPhone 12 line, and the other half started in October due to the delays in development and supply chains due to COVID's outbreak.


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Source- Techradar


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