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You will be always remembered by me!

Well, I dialed the digits after almost a year, the digits which were once they're on the top of our grip. But today I had to recheck the numbers just for the proper sequence, coz the network providers say "the no. doesn't exist" if the sequence gets wrong. Thank god, I still remember the sequence and it was ringing. My heartbeat was getting faster with the ringing. It ranged for almost 5-6 seconds and in the meantime, my Fitbit shows me an average of 116 beats.

Literally, I could feel that like a throb beating over the heart as I going to connect after a long time. And then the ringing stopped and all of a sudden my heartbeat too. There was complete silence for a moment and I had to gather my courage to say the first hello. Well, I did and stammered. In reply, there was a hey, with that same voice and same tone just like before as if nothing has changed. I was getting intoxicated into the sweetness as like yeah, it's her. I couldn't adjust myself more with the emotions as she started asking me questions about how I am and how are things are going? I was just wondering if she was just checking up the list of those previous conversations. Then, has nothing changed, or is this scripted? I asked her and she just denied in the face with a blush. Conversations led to conversations and with time I was just getting into the voice, into the feeling. Confessions took place and so were the sentiments. I had to confess to her the faults and I got the opportunity after this long wait and I was gathering that courage to tell her everything. Well, it took me a lot of stammering and a heavy pulse rate to tell her the entire story of my part.

I finally dared to confess to her the entire, the reasons, the situations, the mess, the change, the breakup. I was surrounded with guilt, but more than that what hurt me more was her area, the trust I broke, the pain she suffered for me, the love she lost, and the lost fight she fought for the love.

But what did the learning and realization costed?

The person of love for me.

But does it matter anymore? Can I change everything? Can I just apologize and ask her to stay a Lil longer?

Well, the answer to all these questions was no! And the regrets don't end here until you get to know your hopes are done for this life. All you have to carry is the vault of memories and the imaginations.

Well, the bottom line was not ended yet. But at last, there was something to cheer, something to feel good.

She asked me "I hope you have heard it?"

Me - what?

She - I have moved on.

Silence for few seconds

Me - ooh! Congrats then

She - It has been two months and I'm trying good, but it's not happening from my side. He tries a lot but I can't. Sometimes we have arguments on this too, but he loves me a lot. But tbh he's a good guy

Me - You'll do good one day for sure. Just keep up the try.

She - let's see how it goes.

Me - Well, I'm so happy for you. I hope you both will do good.

We both could feel the silence after then. None of us had enough words after then. But we had to finish the conversation on a good note. So,

She - it's almost 10.30, don't wanna get your dinner?

Me - oops, I forgot! I hope you too must go and get your dinner

She - Yeah, I have to. So bye then and keep calling me at times.

Don't just forget me.

Me - hmmm, I'll.

She - bye then!

( Silence)

Me - Bye!

Call dropped!

I miss you and you will be always remembered by me!❤

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