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What to expect from Spring Loaded'- Apple's April Event on 20th April ???

Apple has announced its upcoming event on Tuesday, 20 April. The event "Spring Loaded" will be virtual again and starts at 10 a.m. PDT.

The event will take place approximately one month before the WWDC of Apple in early June and the company will probably be unveiling new hardware, including AirTags long-awaited. Users should be able to monitor daily objects accurately using high band technology and Apple's Find My Network using tile-like tracking devices.

Apple also has been rumored to prepare new models for iPad Pro. The 12,9-inch iPad Pro will debut on a Mini LED screen, a recent Bloomberg study, enables the system to deliver high-contrast ratios with no chance of OLED displays burn-in.

More efficient processors and enhanced cameras are also expected to come with the latest iPad Pro models. For the first half of this year, a new iPad mini was rumored too.

Apple is currently in the works to provide other items, but whether they will make their debut in the spring is uncertain. Apple could start a revamped Apple Silicon iMac lineup. In the meantime, AirPods and AirPods Pro are reportedly being worked on. AirPods will be built with a shorter stem, while the current AirPods Pro will launch without a hitch.

We will also see a new Apple TV with a processor that has been revamped, remotely redesigned, and 120Hz support. However, we're unlikely to watch the all-in-one rumored Apple TV with an integrated speaker or camera or an intelligent monitor – both of which we have learned this week alone.

The invitation comes today after the Event was disclosed by Siri before Apple could send out invitations. We can see what the company is preparing when Tuesday 20 April at 10 a.m. PDT starts with Spring Loaded.


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Source- XDA Developers

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