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Wanda vision is the newest series of marvel studious after Avengers end Game came to the dead-end. It's turned out to be an old sitcom series where Wanda vision is married and has two children living a happy family life. Marvel Studious wanted to set a new plot for upcoming movies! Get ready for marvel-assemble one more time but with new members. there are some points to be noted from this series

  • This series is not an action pack that Marvel movies are known for

  • vision is alive in this series because Wanda created her imagination world

  • Monica meets Wanda in her home, Monica Who has seen in a captain marvel movie who was maria Rambeau's daughter, best friend of captain marvel.

  • Wanda's brother Pietro who was dead in the avenger's age of Ultron is alive again. But we all know him as quicksilver in the x-men movie let’s see if he is the x-men quicksilver or Wanda brother

  • Agnes Wanda neighbour true identity can be Agatha Harkness, who connected to Wanda, and fantastic four leader reed Richards can see as Wanda Mentor

  • Wanda has been pregnant and delivers the child in 24-hour shows her child has a superpower.

  • There are a few more characters we saw in this series were in past Marvel movies.

  • Skrull saw him in Captain America winter soldier

  • jimmy woo been in ant-man and wasp

  • Dr.Darcy lewis was in thor the dark world

  • Marvel studious confirmed the new fantastic four movies that can be a tie-up with Wanda's vision series.

Let's wait for the next season and other marvel movies to set the tone for another avenger assemble.

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