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Top 10 AI courses in India

Artificial intelligence is widely regarded as the most disruptive technology currently available. All sectors throughout the world rely on its capacity to continuously evolve and enable breakthroughs. Given the importance of AI and its rapid adoption, there has been an increase in the need for AI talent in businesses. According to reports, the demand for AI and machine learning professions has increased by more than 75% in the last four years.

Many Indian colleges provide some of the best artificial intelligence programs, and we'll highlight the top ten. If you want to make a profession out of AI, these courses are a good place to start.

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1. Advanced Program in Artificial Intelligence- Powered Marketing (APAIPM), IIM Calcutta

Executives in charge of digital marketing, revenue, customer acquisition, marketing, and other important business enterprises will benefit from the program. The course is a six-month part-time online curriculum. This advanced program seeks to teach executives and entrepreneurs how to use AI and machine learning to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. The lessons are interactive, with video lectures, assignments, and real-world case studies integrated into the curriculum.

2. Post Graduate Program in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, BITS Pilani

This is an 11-month online PG program that may be completed while working full-time. The program can be used to increase one's AI and machine learning understanding and skills. The curriculum consists of six courses that cover fundamental principles in these technologies.

3. M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence, NMIMS-Mukesh Patel Institute of Technology

A two-year M.Tech program in AI is offered by the Mukesh Patel Institute of Technology, which is part of the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. It is a futuristic course that intends to improve students' problem-solving skills by utilizing artificial intelligence. It's a one-of-a-kind full-time curriculum that covers AI programming, robotics, and AI-driven industrial automation.

4. B.Tech in Computer Sciences & Engineering with AI specialization, Amity University of Science and Technology

A B.Tech program in Computer Sciences is offered at the institution, with specialties in artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptography, and cloud computing. This is a four-year professional curriculum that covers all aspects of computer science, both fundamental and advanced.

5. MCA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Chandigarh University

This is a two-year curriculum that teaches theoretical and practical skills in AI creation, understanding, design, and computer hardware, and network management. This MCA program offers an industry-focused curriculum that covers advanced machine learning, natural language processing, data analytics, and business intelligence.

6. B.Tech (Hons) Computer Science and Engineering- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

This is a four-year degree that covers topics such as algorithms, data structures, databases, design processes, and other aspects of AI and machine learning. The course will provide hands-on experience with these technologies in real-world circumstances as well as an in-depth understanding of these domains. The application procedures span several fields, including computer vision and natural language processing.

7. Advanced Certification Program in AI/ML, IIT Hyderabad- TalentSprint

It's a six-month online curriculum that teaches you all you need to know about artificial intelligence. The curriculum is designed primarily for working professionals who want to improve their AI skills. The IIIT Hyderabad ML Lab gives an advanced certification for the course.

8. Post Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, DIT University

It's an intensive 11-month program that involves projects and hands-on experiences. The curriculum includes a rigorous curriculum targeted at developing AI experts who are ready to operate in the real world. A degree in any discipline or a Master's degree with a minimum of 55 percent marks is required for this program. Campus placements at reputable companies are also available through the institution.

9. B.Tech CSE in Artificial Intelligence, NIET Greater Noida

It's a four-year undergraduate AI program with a focus on blockchain technology. The course is for students who want to learn advanced abilities in AI and other disruptive technologies. The highlights include regular sessions by industry experts and real-time industrial projects sponsored by several reputable global players in AI.

10. M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence, IISC Bengaluru

The master's program is designed to provide students with an in-depth grasp of the technology as well as a solid foundation and experience in it. Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Cryptography, and many other electives and core courses are available in the curriculum. It is provided by the IISC's Artificial Intelligence Research Center.


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