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The "Why did you cheat on me?"


It was going tough in between them. They were getting buried under misunderstandings, arguments, and more. But it was not the same from the beginning. They were once the happiest ones in the world. It was a different story back then. Well, let me take you back there.

11/03/19: The first date

They took the bus down the lane and went directly to the riverside at the end of the town, one of her favorite places. Tiny patches of clouds had already rallied over their heads and the gentle breeze around the shore waved her hairs and all he could resemble those dragonflies over the horizon. Blinking was never an option for him as he couldn’t set his eyes off her. His eyes stuck over a frame where he could see her face under the illuminated dark skies and she was constantly uttering like an old 90’s radio as if like she got the lifetime pass to say whatever she had piled up inside her for a long time but this time with a bit clear frequency or better to say a live concert with an only single audience. Butterflies were there in his heart as he thought no other fellow could be part of this concert. Then suddenly a few drops of misty rain tapped on his skin and when he looked upwards few drops kissed his face and it felt like warm butter melting on his face. Nature started to rejuvenate and they seemed like dancing under the pitter-patter and the chorus being sung by the clouds.

raining in love

She accompanied them with her moves as it glided through the rain. He was not afraid of the thunder but her sight. She asked him to join her but he better preferred to stare at her until she started to melt under the pouring rain and then holding her waist, he started following her steps. She was looking so graceful getting wet and he could see drops are convening on her collar bones. There was merely any gap in between them, not even for air to drift through. They both locked their eyes onto each other and witnessing the whole ambiance and every member of nature they gently swirled his lips over her lips. She rolled her eyes slowly and he could feel her soft tender breath. Under the shed of the clouds, they shared warmth over the greenish couch.

( Abridged, "The Moonlight")

15/03/20: The last few lines he heard from her :

It was okay until the conversation,
Was still okay until those meets and those moments,
But was wrong to fall in love with you!

( Complete silence )

He cuts the line

Crying after breakup

21/03/21: The thought

While holding the joint he looked into the sky, and the thought hit his mind again. The thought that kept him haunting for months, the guilt from which he could never set himself free. It was getting worse for him every passing day as he was getting more into it. So it was like any other day, and he went to the roof for some green. He rolled one and had just hit the stick. Hardly 3 puffs, and again back to the same place again. Why did he do that day? The reason for which he is here today and will be forever. But he had to find the reason for this day just like every time, but he failed. So deep into the thoughts, he went with every passing puff and scenarios were just collapsing on his head all he could see in front was the pale color of the blue sky. Then he just went blank with pin silence into such a thought that made him shivered. He couldn't remember the thought where he travelled, but he portrayed something like :

"Why do people cheat on their loved ones?"

Possibility 1: There are certain people who get committed to the action without any sense. Let

us assume person 1 cheated on person 2 and the instance could be something like " Hey sorry, I was drunk that night and I was not even in my sense." In this instance, we can say that it's a genuine incident of "drunk and hit".

Possibility 2: There are certain people who had set themselves up for the action from before. These kinds of people generally stay busy keeping secrets throughout the entire time. It's like doing the crime in a healthy sense. This instance could be something like

"How can I cheat on you? More than just cheating on you, how can I cheat on us. I never wanted to break your heart nor our future."

In this instance, we can say that this is an incident of "smartly taking the lid off".

Possibility 3: Now comes the most critical ones, this incident is something related to the name of a legendary poem. We will mention that in the end but let's see how it seems like. You are drunk and high enough and you are completely broken. Everything around you is messed and all you want is just to forget them and want to get out of the shackles. Life gives you a hook of a fishing rod and you are just like the desperate, hungry fish who has just been tempted and trapped. You could feel the opportunity to escape

from life just like the fish who unknowingly devotes its life. But you could see her face into another shape and you are getting anxious with every single moment and the frustration is just grabbing you fast. You went for the hook and then "trapped".

Maybe you are addicted to the flavor of life rather than the person. You are someone who likes to discover the untravelled paths of life, but you went into one and that costed the person of love. The poem "The road not taken by " is just a myth on the pages of fiction. But in reality, this is a disease and that costs heavily.

The roll was halfway down and had already blown out, but this day he had got a lot of possible answers to his question. Not the exact one though to which he could satisfy his quench of guilt, but a one that he could tell this to her any day and in the background he there was a tone.

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