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The New Hacking label of Twitter has been hacked.

Ohhhhh Noooo!!!

Twitter began to mark a few tweets with a "hackled" notice of materials. This new mark is published in some news stories that Twitter considers to be focused on hacking and lost documents, but Twitter users have found a simple way to co-hack the URL for any tweet.

The new label was introduced this week on a story by The Grayzone, an independent outlet. It will generate the alert if you share the URL for this specific story. However, Twitter also shows the warning when you trick it through a specially built link to a real URL in conjunction with the flagged one. This is the way to flag tweets by mistake with this latest warning on Twitter cards.

The warning trick works both for iOS and Android on the web and Twitter mobile device, and even if you try to like a tweet that contains this sticker, it seems to crash the Android version.

The latest controversial warning of Twitter hacked materials follows after the company has been criticized for blocking links to New York Post's Joe Biden son tales. Twitter soon reversed its decision to block connections and eventually introduced a strategy to use these warning labels.

This seems to be one of the first times that this mark has been applied in the sense of the Twitter hacking strategy. In addition to the deceptive COVID 19 details and Trump's numerous misleading and false tweets, Twitter has used similar labels.

We reached Twitter and we'll upgrade you accordingly when the company fixes its new label.

source- The verge

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