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The first electric flying car without a driver in India in the world! Ola starts flight tests

We've also seen some Other Energy taking a straight arrow dig on the April Fool's Day prank of Ola, going through the Bhavish Aggarwal's Twitter feed.

Ola lead honcho Bhavish Aggarwal recently tweeted about a brand-new, fully autonomous AirPro electric flying vehicle. This video describes the product and its stages of growth. Then, once it is charged to this electric flying car it can charge as it goes. It's completely independent, so it doesn't need a driver. It is able to start and land vertically, which means that a runway is not required. It can accelerate to 350 km/h, so you're never going to be late. It is super light and has no annoying and spicy propeller blades that are clearly a cause for concern. It's legal, therefore.

Ola has started testing flights on this futuristic flying vehicle, but now we feel we're too far ahead of this charade. Happy April Fool's Day!

And it would resolve so much for so many of us if such a commodity were a fact. As we are on the road to electrification (much to your delight or fear), it will take a long time for flying technology to equal The Jetsons, which is an understatement.

More seriously, Ola will soon be implementing her first electric scooter, where it has developed Tamil Nadu, the world's biggest scooter factory. The scooter will be launched later this year with a reach of 240 km.

The reaction of the netizens

Published by author Chetan Bhagat, "Oh, great, can I open the windows up there? Any fresh air I would love. Oh, too, Bina music ke mazaa nahi aayega."

Another Twitterati said, 'Exceptional, what a product and thinking!'

Poet Nandy told Pritish, "Wow, that's a success! Feel free. Free." He called this the best joke of the day in a different tweet!

Another user on Twitter said, "waiting for Ola AirPro Max Plus."

Then we saw some Ather Energy taking an arrow directly from Ola's April Fool's Day prank via Aggarwal's Twitter feeder, saying: "Let's hope Ola's electrical scooters aren't so dated as of April fool attempts." Ouch!

What the company said on about Ola AirPro:

  1. The Ola AirPro requires no drive or fly license, which is completely autonomous.

  2. The Ola AirPro needs to only be charged once - ever, thanks to its self-charge PuraCell battery technology.

  3. Ola AirPro takes off in a vertical direction, powered by VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) technology.

  4. The Ola AirPro cabin is the slowest cabin in its group without a powerplant. The Ola AirPro car noise cancellation cabin keeps you silent, no matter whether you are on the road or by air.

  5. The Ola Air Pro is ready to be loaded and should never again be loaded.

  6. Cell-based Ethereum-ion battery technology PuraCell uses its own energy expended forever. This is why your Ola AirPro does not contain loading bricks, blocks, or docks. Neither will you have to purchase it separately.

  7. The Ola AirPro's AI is the best friendly material for any driver, using sensors, actuators, complex algorithms, and machines to map and navigate terra firm and the sky.

  8. Ola AirPro AI is running the car in perpetual autopilot mode, with advanced quantum computing to evaluate, analyze and assimilate common human behavior.

  9. A large network of folding hexagonal pads, built on each of India's major and minor towns, can be parked in the Ola AirPro to provide unparalleled parking.


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Source- ExpressDrives, LiveMint


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