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The best 7 features that come on your iOS 14.5 will soon be implemented in Apple's iOS

The following update to iOS 14 is available in beta format. That's what iOS 14.5 needs to remember.

The next update for iOS 14 – iOS 14.5 – is about to take place. Currently, Apple is beta-testing iOS 14.5 in the spring. The upcoming software release is supported as the biggest update to iOS 14 and offers several new features, including the ability to unlock your iPhone with an Apple Watch while wearing a mask, the long-awaited transparency tracking function of the App. The final iOS 14.5 update is scheduled for April.

Everything we know about iOS 14.5 so far is here.

Using your Apple Watch, unlock your iPhone with a mask

The ability to open your iPhone with your Apple Watch while weaving a mask is one of the most important features of iOS 14.5. The idea is to bypass your iPhone Face ID. Of course, Face ID is amazing, but many people realized during the pandemic that the face recognition function of the iPhone doesn't work when half of their face is masked. The answer: let your iPhone be unlocked by the Apple Watch. Your face or passcode is required for the new feature.

Transparency of App Tracking

Apple adds major improvements to the update of iOS 14.5 soon to be announced. The remarkable is the transparency of Apple's app tracking. This feature simply requires user authorization for applications that wish to monitor people through other apps and websites. Obviously, major developers, including Facebook, have criticized the publication. Facebook needs to ask your permission to access your advertising ID once the update is live. In recent months, both Facebook and Apple have waged a war of words over improvements in their privacy.

Recalibration of the battery

The Battery Recalibration feature of iOS 14.5 is a brilliant feature, which essentially will show your battery's health status. The new function essentially recalibrates maximum battery capacity and the highest efficiency statistics. Under Settings > Battery > Battery Health users will have access to the recalibration details of the battery.

Two new voices from Siri

The iOS 14.5 allows you to choose your digital assistant for a female or masculine voice. This isn't everything. Two new voices for English speakers are added by Apple. Moreover, the digital voice assistant of Apple can now understand your music listening preferences better, even though it is not clear if the functionality is in its final version of iOS 14.5.

Support for compatibility with dual SIM 5G, PS5, and Xbox X/S Series controllers

The iPhone 12 will allow a double SIM 5G in the near future, meaning it can be accessed both via physical SIM and e-SIM. The role is perfect for tourists. Apple also supported the DualSense or Xbox Series X / S PlayStation 5 with iOS 14.5 update. Upon an official update, users can play games using PS5 and Xbox X/S series controllers on their iPhones or iPads.

More than 200 new emojis will be on iOS 14.5

In iOS 14.5, Apple adds a bunch of new emojis. Indeed, 217 emojis will be included in the next iOS update. Some of the emojis are looking forward to including a redesigned blood vaccination syringe, pairs embracing, heart pairing, eye spiraling faces, etc.


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Source- The Indian Express

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