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iPhone SE 3 launch: Specs, features, design, India price, and everything that we know so far

There were a number of leaks on the iPhone SE 3. Now new products with a distinctive appearance have arrived. We chose to update you on the latest facts regarding this smartphone, taking that into consideration.


  • iPhone SE 3 can have a refreshed design.

  • A fingerprint scanner could be installed on the display.

  • The iPhone SE 3 is powered on A14 Bionic SoC.


Last year, Apple stunned everyone, the iPhone SE 2020, which mixed great hardware with an inexpensive iPhone, but the concept turned into an enormous downturn. Now that Apple works on the SE 2020 replacement of the iPhone, all the caveats, including the design, would be resolved.

There is now a lot of debate over the name of this new handset, which is why we call it the iPhone SE 3 until further clarification. This smartphone has seen multiple leaks that give us many details. A little more, indicating a different design from the prior leaks. There were several more renders. However, it should be noted that this revamp comes as per leaker only in 2023.

Even if we have not yet started, we hope that during the WWDC 2021 that is around the corner Apple is spilling a few beans on that next device. In that regard, we decided to outline all we know about the iPhone SE 3 thus far.

iPhone SE 3 specs and features

— The next iPhone SE 3 has received many leaks, some of which predict a 5.5" display, while others hint at an even larger 6.1"-display. Analyst Ross Young is likewise convinced that the 6.1-inch display is on this smartphone, although it will only arrive in 2023.

—Apple Lab has now developed a rumor that the iPhone SE will arrive in 2023. As you can see, the smartphone looks more like iPhone 12 model and is a square-edged design. In a horizontal pill-shaped module, both the single-camera at the back and a flash. From the front, a center punch hole with minimum bezels can be observed.

—None of the iPhone SE 3 makes us believe that they are fitted with a Fingerprint Authentication Scanner on the display. Apple labs and a few further leaks hint toward it.

—To keep the price of a smartphone under control, it should remain off the LCD type. The additional LCD display on the iPhone SE 3 has also been distinguished from the top-class iPhones.

—We are anticipating that the future SE model will utilize the current gene A14 Bionic SoC, whereas Apple launched iPhone SE2020 with the A13 Bionic Chipset. This is a 5nm production process hexa-core chipset. It's a fairly powerful chipset that can chop most everything on it.

—The previous iteration i.e. iPhone SE2020 was shipped for the future SE 3 iPhone in three versions: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

—An iPhone SE 2020's single rear camera was not awful either, hence Apple is believed to be doing the same thing. The same is true with iPhone SE 3, even leaked returns. That stated, on those early rumors, nothing can be said with certainty.

—A key issue was the mediocre battery life of the iPhone SE 2020, therefore we hope that Apple solves that. We have also heard that Qi wireless charging can work on the gadget. Finally, 5G and WiFi 6 should also be supported by the gadget.

— A big problem with the mediocre battery life of the iPhone SE2020 is Apple's hope. We also heard of Qi Wireless Charging on this handset. In conclusion, 5G and WiFi 6 support is planned for the gadget.

iPhone SE 3 launch date

The SE 2020 iPhone didn't get there during the Apple 20 Spring Loaded presentation. So everything has now moved to the WWDC 2021 event, which begins on June 7. During the presentation, Apple is supposed to divulge some specifics on this device. The launch could be extended until 2022 if it does not happen, as with some other leaks.

iPhone SE 3 India price

Apple's next affordable offering will be the iPhone SE 3. It will compete in a comparable price bracket with a number of strong Android devices. With that in mind, the iPhone SE 3 is expected to cost about Rs 45000 and the previous price.


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Source- India Today


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