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The iPad Pro(2021) looks like a half-tale story—iPadOS 15 will complete it

The new iPad Pro will be the strongest version of the project yet, but I don't think it's just half the iPad Pro(2021) story.

When the iPad Pro was started in 2015, it was designed to be the strongest iPad ever and offer people an opportunity to work seriously on a mobile device. Every iPad Pro iteration has ever since pushed the envelope in terms of efficiency and power—and it's up to the next stage on the iPad Pro (2021).

Apples' latest honeycomb, the M1 chip, is the driving force of the iPad Pro (2021), revealed by Apple during its keynote. The M1 chip is 50 times faster than the original iPad Pro and the graphical output is also up to 1500 times higher than the original iPad Pro. The iPad Pro (2021) will be a success beast in layman's words. But what's the point, I must ask?

Most people haven't been moaning about the iPad Pro (2020) strength or efficiency but about the iPad's limitations. I think the tale is half-told therefore. The next iPadOS 15 of Apple is the next half.

The iPad Pro itself(2021) does not modify what an iPad can do

While the iPad Pro(2021) may be the best iPad ever made, the hardware itself doesn't work to solve any of the problems that the iPad Platform doesn't really replace a MacBook or Mac for many people.

Although the Thunderbolt port for iPad Pro (2021) is definitely welcome and much easier to use, it is still just one lonely port, a restriction that the Macs do not have. This port is not just for docks, screens, hubs, and other peripherals. In addition, the already expensive iPad Pro, particularly the 12.9 inches edition, has to be bought with an external keyboard, trackpad, and/or mouse.

iPadOS 15 can be an incredibly huge update

You should not forget that iPadOS is still very new and that we already referred to the previous iteration to iPadOS 14 as being greatly improved. It has developed some of the ancient kinks, introduced great features including a trackpad and mouse, and added platform stability. Apple now has to blast all of us on iPadOS 15.

For many people on iPadOS 14, I know multifaceted work is an enormous pain. It doesn't flow as large as on macOS. It definitely has improved since late, but Split View and Slide Over remain restricted.

I'm sure some people believe the best option is simply to place MacOS on the iPad and do it, but I don't believe a drastic approach is needed. It would also not address any of the hardware restrictions I mentioned earlier. The iPad Pro is an iPad, not a Mac, and Apple needs to do so. This doesn't mean iPadOS 15 isn't a great upgrade — for the iPad Pro in particular (2021).

I understand the iPad Pro's (2021) launch is just half the story. There is so much power and ability inside the M1 that iPadOS now can tap, and Apple leaves much on the board if iPadOS 15 does not get the most out of the way.


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Source- iMore

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