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In 2021, Google will add 12 major features to your Android smartphone.

Updated: May 25, 2021

At Google I/O 2021, Google unveiled Android 12, the next major update of the Android operating system. The OS beta is available for phones from 11 different manufacturers, including Vivo, OnePlus, Oppo, OnePlus, Pixel, and others. Any of the features are exclusive to Google Pixel phones and will be released later this year. The updated Android 12 update aims to have a distinct color theme, as well as faster app loading times, improved safety options, and other improvements. Here are the top 12 features that will be available on your Android phone this year.

Android 12 can improve the performance of your phone while still conserving battery life.

Phones running Android 12 would be quicker, more responsive, and more power-efficient. In Android 12 OS, Google has reduced the CPU time needed for core device resources by up to 22%, and the system server's usage of large cores by up to 15%.

The new Privacy Dashboard in Android 12 gives you more control over your settings.

A modern Privacy Dashboard provides a consolidated view of your permissions settings, as well as what data is being viewed, how much, and by which users. You may also remove app access directly from the dashboard.

A new indicator that lets you know whether an app is using the camera or microphone.

When either of the applications accesses the microphone or webcam, a new icon appears in the top right corner of the status bar. In addition, you can quickly disable app access to these sensors for the whole device in Quick Settings.

​​Android 12 will come with a remote app to let you control smart TVs from your phone using android

TVs will be easier as Google has added remote support on Android phones.

With the Nearby button, you can share your Wi-Fi more easily.

You can share a Wi-Fi link with your phone on Android 12 by sharing a QR code found in the "Nearby" button.

With One-handed mode, Android 12 makes it easy to use big tablets.

Android 12 has a dedicated 'One-handed' mode that allows you to use big phones with only one hand.

On Pixel tablets, long pressing the power button unlocks Google Assistant.

You can also use Assistant to make a phone call, open applications, ask questions, or read text-heavy papers aloud by long-pressing the power button.

The ‘Material You' interface design in Android 12 will give your Android phone a new look.

With the latest Material You UI build, the Android 12 operating system will fully transform the look of Android phones. New color schemes, animations, tile designs, and other features have been added to the GUI.

Instead of providing an exact address to users, you can now provide an estimated location.

Additionally, Android 12 gives you greater leverage about how much position data you exchange with users. Apps will now only see the estimated location rather than a direct one thanks to new approximate location permissions. Weather apps, for example, do not need the exact position to have a reliable prediction.

With color extraction, the phone can automatically switch to different color shades.

Beyond the Light and Dark modes, Google is making Android phones more personal by allowing you to use your own wallpaper. With Android 12, you'll be able to totally customize your phone with a custom color palette and redesigned widgets on Pixel screens. With call color extraction, you choose your wallpaper and the machine automatically selects which colors are primary, complementary, and simply attractive. The colors are then applied throughout the entire OS, including the indicator shade, lock screen, volume controls, new widgets, and more.

The fast tiles on Android 12 are larger and display more detail.

When you lower the notification shade, you'll see that instead of circular icons, you'll see bigger rectangular icons with rounded corners. You can also do further functions directly from the update area without having to go to the configuration menu. If you want to go to the comprehensive configuration tab, simply hold down either of the icons for a long time.

Android 12 has a feature called Private Computer Core, which saves audio and language data on your computer.

Private Compute Core is used in Android 12. Live Caption, Now Playing, and Smart Reply are all allowed by the Private Computer Core. To protect your privacy, all audio and language processing takes place on the computer, which is disconnected from the network.


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