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How do toppers study?

Everyone thinks that all the students in a class, work hard for the exams. But how toppers are different and easily get good marks. Do they have any magical power or some secretes?

NOoooo! guys! there isn't any secret. just they follow some tricks. So, let's have a small talk about this.

Clear concept:

When you meet a topper you can see that they have clarity on their face every time when a topic is discussed. You have to get it right when the first time you learn the concept. A student has a number of teachers who teach them, you have to choose that one, from whom you can learn the concept easily without having queries about it. The first time, you learn the topic it should be the most reliable educator. The source that makes the topic absolutely clear to you. Because one something clear in your mind, then every single time you revise, it gets more clearer to you. But if you get confused it really takes a long time to understand the topic and you may lose interest in that.

Stick Notes:

No! No! don't stick notes all over the walls. I don't mean that. Have proper notes on your own and stick on them. You notice that before exams, in your WhatsApp group everyone asks for notes and the notes exchanging section begins. But have you notice, a topper never does that. They always stick to their own notes which means they make notes throughout the year. Right from the beginning, they read something they make notes, and revise that topic from that notes. When you look at others' notes you might get confused about what you have learned because everyone has a different way to understand a topic.

A look before going to bed:

Everyone has that one friend who calls you up before the exam and tells you that today I complete my syllabus or I've completed ten chapters. And you are like OMG! But have you ever notice that a topper never does this type of thing. Because the topper knows that memory is fickle and they know the spaced repetition is the key to have good memorization. But you always think that I have a lot to study so, here is the trick - a quick revision of notes that you have made a few days ago, just give a look at them about twice or thrice and the important thing is to make a habit of it. While you are sleeping your subconscious brain will process all the information, when you wake up in the morning you'll have a far better conception. Even you can use soft music while going to bed it helps you to focus on the concept that you have read just before going to bed. A piece of music like -

Check 5 - 10 years Questions:

You know that toppers don't necessarily have the most amount of knowledge. Even no one can have the entire knowledge in a topic. But somehow, they seem to able to answer the questions on the exams really well. You have to know that 80% of the question comes from 20% - 30% of your syllabus. And toppers have a unique way of knowing that what the questions are, OK! never think that they have spices on the system. But what they do is they pick up previous year's question papers and analyze them. And study which part of the syllabus is the examiners asking the previous question from. There are many common questions that are repeating every 2 - 3 years of circulation. You also have to notice what style of question they are asking. The main point is a topper studies more numbers of hours than an average student. You always remember that you have to study smart not hard.

Don't study for a long:

Do you know the brain process information better when it's taking a break. Now, imagine the brain is a little mug and you keep your book open all the time it's like you are stuffing coffee in the mug while it's a storage tank it may overflow. So, once you have to shut your book and go out in the fresh air, maybe you go for a walk or play with your pet, play some musical instrument, whatever makes you relax. And that the time the process actually starts working so, let your brain chill a bit and feel the magic.

Make your study Funny:

Do you know the brain loves to remember things that are funny and humorous. Why does this happen? Because it increases alertness, it makes it more interesting, it reduces all the negative emotions and stress, etc and it becomes too easy to relate. So, when you find something difficult to understand, you may relate that to a joke or make acronyms that humorous and that make your study interesting.

I hope that these tips have helped you see how you can follow the success mantra of most toppers.

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