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How do I stop missing her?

So how will I stop missing her? Right! But my question is why will I stop missing her?

One spends some years with the person he loves which is of course regarded as the best phase by those who were madly in love!

Missing her
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They promised to stick together, like together forever, the ones we did in our childhood, imagining our life with the loved one, from getting married to getting funerals. Taking my example when I was in high school I loved a girl secretly, didn't even know her name, though it wasn't important until she's around.

After high school, she was slowly wiping out from my thoughts. Guess what! If you trick your brain into doing many tasks like hanging out, playing soccer, and all, she will hardly be there in your mind.

After 2 years I finally came across the love of my life, the perfect girl one can ask for. After months of talking, chatting, we got off, got committed, loved her like hell, she was everything for me. Life was perfect at that time.

But after a year things were rusty, there were no more butterflies, only thorns. If you can cross this phase of your life the rest is going to be like butterscotch. However, we broke up after 2 years and a few months. I'm bad with dates so I hardly remember the day.

The beginning always looks beautiful, the deep you go the dark it becomes.

I wasn't afraid of letting go! Always thought I can tackle the future, but never got the impression of its parameter, the succession of events, and the holes it had to dig into my soul.

She was the one afraid of, the solitude haunted her, still, we were together so there was a little chance for the solitude to make some room in her periphery. Guess what! The solitude now haunts me, all day to every sleepless night.

Thank God people dreams, I know she's not here, the harsh reality strikes like lightning but the dreams come like showers when her face becomes inevitable, those eyes who will forget, that voice still ringing into my ears, ahh there's no escape from this symphony.

People move on so fast now, I guess I'm bad at it, the tricks didn't work on me. They escape before the feelings could get em, run against it, and I was the dumb one who ran towards it. My bad and now it's my ill fate that I can't tune it anymore.

But speaking honestly I'm quite addicted to this secluded solitude that has caught me since she left, not a big deal I know one needs to make it look like everything's fine, everything is on track as if it was a stunt show made to look cool, and you'll be wasted if you're not okay.

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