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Dogecoin gets Respect. Elon Musk makes it trending.

The cost of image digital currency dogecoin (DOGE) took off over 55% Sunday, setting another record-breaking high, after American rapper, Snoop Dogg joined DOGE promoter in-boss Elon Musk and Kiss hero Gene Simmons in tweeting an image of a Shiba Inu, the canine variety that addresses the DOGE token. The cost of the digital currency began exchanging around $0.056 toward the start of the day and rose to $0.0872 Sunday evening prior to settling back to $0.084, up 55%, over the most recent 24 hours, overshadowing the unequaled high of $0.078 set before the end of last month. Year to date DOGE is up over 1,380%.

Source - Dogecoin smokes

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