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Bosch partner for Microsoft to create an integrated platform for car software

The duo plan to integrate cars with the cloud in order to facilitate software downloads and reduce technical development challenges.

Microsoft and Bosch partnered in building a platform for vehicles to streamline and speed up vehicle software development and use for automobiles.

The platform runs the cloud service of the technology giant and has automotive product producer software modules. The duo intends to combine cars with the cloud in order to promote app downloads and reduce technical development challenges.

"The complexity of software development and vehicle systems integration will be reduced by a comprehensive platform from car to cloud," said Bosch Board member Markus Heyn in a statement. "We create the conditions for wireless updates to work in vehicles as well as smartphones as smoothly and conveniently."

Their joint platform aims to reduce over-the-air problems and to keep vehicle applications always up-to-date through cloud integration. This integration will allow drivers to access new features and digital resources more rapidly.

The new development framework for first prototypes of vehicles is to be available by both companies in the end of 2021, according to the release.

Bosch and Microsoft are both planning to improve existing developer tools to simplify and accelerate their app creation for automakers and suppliers.

In order to promote the reusability of codes and best practice sharing across the industry, they also plan to open essential sections of the latest software framework in GitHub.

Source- The Hindu

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