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Apple can replace the iPad mini with a larger iPhone: a new report

Apple's Folding iPhone rumors continue to make headlines and today's study puts it in context with the company's entry-level iPad. MyDrivers suggests in a new report that Apple will eventually substitute a folding iPhone for the iPad mini, so that stylus input will be provided.

The article from last week raised the possibility that Apple's folding iPhone could accommodate a stylus, although it is not clear if it is the latest Apple Pencil or anything different. The display would be diagonally between 7.3 and 7.6-inches, but with a rather high aspect ratio.

MyDrivers report points to the release date of September 2022 for Apple's folding computer, which allegedly has a clamshell form factor, but EqualOcean's report last week indicated that it will be pushed back to 2023.

Personally, with such a high-cost gap, I don't think Apple would substitute a folding iPhone for the iPad mini. I do, however, think that for some other reason, Apple will phase out the iPad Mini-maybe in a few years, all iPads will have smaller bezels and the larger iPad will have the same footprint as the current iPad Mini 5th generation. Oh, who knows? We're just speculating.

For years now, rumors about Apple's creation of a folding iPhone have swirled. Samsung revealed to us how difficult it is to produce and market such a product with the first Galaxy Fold. Although the first wave of consumers of the Galaxy Fold exposed the weaknesses and disadvantages of the device, Apple typically needs time to refine innovative innovations like this - before integrating the new technology into its products, the company traditionally watches and learns from the errors of other OEMs.

Source- gsm arena

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