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After fighting villains as Iron Man, Downey is launching funds in environmental fight

  • The rock-solid man over the reel is now for real as Robert Downey Jr. initiates exertion to safeguard the greens from deforestation and microplastics.

  • The 55-year-old artist publicizes venture capital funds that set its sight on “accelerate ground-breaking technologies that are addressing the world’s largest environmental challenges”

  • Despite Downey’s footwear coalition, several other investors, and many concerned partners (already investing in several eco-friendly companies like Insect and paper cloud) he wants to “quickly mobilize more people and catalyze more capital”.

  • Downey also informs about the ongoing evaluations on some ground-breaking technologies and scaling them up despite having feels about the democracy.

  • The fund starts with a subscription at 20,000$ yearly having quarterly installment packages are to be pervaded from agricultural fields to the technology over the globe that deciphers environmental woes.

  • On the other hand, co-leader Jonathan Schulof justifies about constant raise of funds as it keeps the mob active instead of raising liquids irregularly.

  • While on Wednesday, Jr. speaks about deforestation and aquaculture followed by some short videos created by his team at the World Economic Forum.

  • The Avenger sums up at the end as - better contents that are felt better by the community always brings better outcomes on accessing better deals (maybe best always).

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