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A letter to the Indian Cricket Team from one of their admirers

Dear Indian Cricket Team,

This is a LOVE LETTER to you all. 💌

Everything seems so black & white without you guys. Days and nights seem longer without you all. The longer you guys stay away, the more I miss you all. Without you all it is definitely a matter of ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

it’s always more than 11 players; it’s a family actually.

it’s not mere a squad anymore. It’s a squad turned into a family.

The bond we share with ICT is like true lovers, we spend sleepless nights even witness test matches from 4:30 am haha it’s pretty interesting right. we share bundles of emotion together.

you guys are the perfect example of ONE FAMILY. playing together, sitting on the ground together, eating together, discussing failures together, doing the bhangra in the dressing room together, and cherishing all the sweet memories together. And most importantly supporting each other in their good and bad no matter what.

Along with you all, we too cherish all the moments together with you guys.

It’s not always about winning the matches, but the adrenaline rush you all give me whenever you'll step into the ground like lions to roar. Yes, that damn feeling!

Sometimes even the lost matches were glorious to talk about. Every freaking match you'll play together is a moment of PRIDE indeed. Representing own country at international level where 60% of stadium spectators chants INDIA INDIA INDIA, goosebumps!

Trust me, when this pandemic hits us everything seems so hard without you all especially. Life turned into a monochrome photograph, but it was necessary even at that time still my hearts used to long for you all.

The memories we’ve had and will have with you all will always remain superior and precious.


world to us, inspiration to many, and a ray of hope to all of us


we are always stronger together.

Together we are a Bharat Army

A day without you guys feels like a freaking year!

The love our hearts has for you guys are ENDLESS.

The relationship we have with you all is a journey of “laughter, excitement, tears, and heart full of all the emotions”.

no matter what guys we all will stand by you all forever. You guys have given us many things to cherish and looking forward to more moments like that.

we love you, the Indian cricket team. * Life without you is worse than hell*!


- just another admirer among billions of your admirers.

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